The Crypto Project Only 0.0001% of People Know About...Yet
The Crypto Project Only 0.0001% of People Know About...Yet

By DoYouEvenCrypto | DYEC | 4 Nov 2019

Have you ever seen a new project appearing out of nowhere in the top 100 at CoinMarketCap and before you know it, it’s up 300% in no time?

I’ve been there too. Missed plenty of opportunities that have arisen even in the recent bear market. I started to wonder, where do you find these hidden projects that pop out unexpectedly once in a while?

I always thought you needed to have some deep connections in the space to get your hands-on projects that are yet to become big. However, when you dig deep enough, you realize there aren't any secret groups that keep ‘newbies’ away and keep the secret sauce for themselves.

Most of the crypto people rely on the top news sites where, when you read about a specific project it’s actually too late to enter as thousands of other people read the same stuff as you.

In order to find some undervalued gems, there is no other way than to enter discord chats and get involved in some early development stage projects at

So, I did exactly that and I found it. I’ve already been sharing with you, some of the info on the project recently on my blog, but this time I wanna talk broadly about how I think you and I can profit from such a project.

After all, the market hasn’t fully recovered just yet and there is not yet any new, fresh blood out there that we can capitalize on…

Getting in Before Anyone Else


Those who have been following me recently probably know a bit about PegNet (PEG). For those who don’t know yet, here is a link to a full 101 on PegNet. 

However, here’s a quick TL;DR for you:

PegNet is essentially a stablecoin 4.0 network for decentralized finance and PEG is the cryptocurrency underpinning the network.  

PegNet operates as an open, distributed, and autonomous protocol running on top of the Factom protocol and provides users with a decentralized, non-custodial network of tokens pegged (stabilized) to different currencies and assets.

The PegNet network enables payments, conversions, and store of value for digitized assets including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, commodities, and more. 

With PegNet, users can hold the value of Bitcoin, the value of the US dollar, the value of Gold, and the value of any other digitized asset on the PegNet network. They can then convert between any pegged asset for just 1/10th of a cent ($0.001) with no middleman. 

This ability to seamlessly and affordably transfer and convert between pegged assets without any centralized third parties opens up a whole realm of possibilities such as novel DEX implementations, payments, store of value, transaction scaling, and more. 

All in all, PegNet brings interoperability to crypto and has the potential to usher in a new era of tokenized assets.


As for PEG – the native cryptocurrency of the PegNet protocol – it is the main gateway into pegged tokens (ie. pEUR, pUSD, pBTC or pGold, etc.) and pretty much summarizes the value of all these pegged assets/tokens.

PEG tokens are created in two different ways:

1) Through a unique Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining algorithm that mines pricing data of pegged assets in the network. This mined price data is then collected into an Oracle Price Record (OPR) and sorted by miners, who are rewarded for their efforts with PEG tokens.

2) Factom’s Factoid (FCT) tokens can be converted into pegged Factoids (pFCT) at a 1:1 ratio. In doing this, FCT is forever burned from the Factom Protocol and pFCT is issued in its place. 

You may then convert pFCT into any other pegged asset token or into PEG. This is facilitated by burning the pFCT and issuing the equivalent of the asset wanted, ie. pGold, pUSD, pBTC, or PEG.

PegNet is in its Veryyy Early Stage


The PegNet protocol is extremely new as its mainnet only just went live in October of this year (2019). Therefore, the project is still in its veryyy early stage. 

It’s so early in fact, that in order to swap Factom to PEG, it has to be done (for now) via console commands as seen here in this guide to converting FCT to PEG. This process is rather complicated and pushes away like 95% of the crypto people alone off this project. 

Now if you realize that it’s just a matter of time before friendly gateways and PEG on-ramps will be created, that 95% of people who get pushed away will then be able to interact with the project in some way.

So for now, only about 5% of crypto people at most, can truly realize/understand the true potential of PegNet before the 95% does. 

Therefore, this project is at an incredibly early stage where early adopters can benefit immensely from getting in early. 

Just look at what happened with Bitcoin. Geeks and nerds were the early adopters of BTC, which was incredibly complicated to mine, buy, and store in its early days. 

However, the ones who took the time to learn about and test Bitcoin back then are multi-millionaires today, if they managed to hodl that is.  

The same goes for early Ethereum adopters and the earlier they got in, the better. Ethereum went up 233x from $6 to $1,400 in just 403 days. 

If you got in at $1 you would have made 7 times more. And If you got in even earlier at the very beginning, you would have made an astonishing gain of 4,500x in just 3.5 years.

The point is, when investing in crypto, most of the wealth is made by those who get in first. And to get in first, you must get in at the veryyy early stage of a project.

Let’s talk about PegNet’s Leadership


The leadership and origins of a project can not be understated as it essentially represents the foundation of which a project is built. 

And for a project to be successful, its foundation must have deep roots (experience) and be strong (reputation). 

This is most definitely the case with PegNet as the project is led by Paul Snow, the CEO of Factom and is being built by 26 Factom focused organizations all working on the protocol in different ways. 

Now let's focus on Snow, as he is the leader and mastermind behind PegNet. 

Not only is Paul the CEO of Factom, but he’s also the creator of Factom and has been dedicated to the project’s success since its beginnings in 2014. 

He has more than 30+ years of experience writing compilers, interpreters, protocols, and rules engines. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin, runs various Bitcoin meetups, speaks at events, and he’s the Chairman of the Texas Bitcoin Conference. 

Even more, Paul has testified before the US Congress about Bitcoin and crypto technology. 

The guy is incredibly passionate about Bitcoin and crypto and is one of the most competent leaders in the industry. 

To further exemplify Paul Snow’s competence as a leader, he managed to secure a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to provide immutable and easily accessible medical records on Factom. 

He also secured a grant from the U.S Department of Homeland Security to help them secure Internet of Things (IoT) data with Factom’s blockchain technology.

These accomplishments are signs of a trustworthy project and leadership that continues on with PegNet. 

I mean, just look at this picture of Paul Snow from a PegNet community live update:


This humble guy wears a tux! For a live chat.

This is one of the small details that matter and shows the seriousness of the project even despite the fact that his audience is very small!

Paul can definitely see things that are yet to come. He created Factom in late 2015, during the market stagnation and patiently worked at it for almost 2 years before seeing any gains (2017 bull run) from his work.

Now he’s at it again with PegNet, his new project built on top of his successful Factom protocol.

All in all, the leader of a company or project is one of the most important factors when deciding whether or not to invest in a particular project or company. 

How far would apple go if it wasn’t for steve jobs that had a great vision? I’m guessing not very.

Paul Snow, in my opinion, is a great example of a great and humble leader like Jobs. 

He can make deals happen (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USDHS), has 30+ years of experience, created and manages a successful blockchain protocol (Factom), and is extremely passionate about Bitcoin and crypto.

With Paul Snow leading PegNet, its future looks incredibly bright. It’s easy to see that even without knowing anything else about this promising project. 

Reading this alone gives you an Incredible Investment Edge 


Did you know that according to the available data out there, a maximum of 25 million people actually own crypto? That’s only like 0.3% of the world’s total population… 

Now put that in perspective where most of these people own mainly top10, maybe top20 coins listed on CMC. The rest are just nerds and geeks that are creating and discovering this very new tech.

But these nerds and geeks are the ones who experience life-changing gains. For example, back in 2009 in the very early days of Bitcoin, only a handful of nerds and geeks learned about it from the Bitcoin forums. 

Today, PegNet’s Discord is very much the same as it only has like 125 users. Therefore, reading this alone gives you an incredible investment edge because you’re learning about PegNet very early on. 

In fact, it’s so early that PegNet’s (PEG) token that represents the total value of the PegNet network just got listed on its first exchange, ViteX and is not even on CMC yet.

You can actually start trading PEG tokens against BTC here, where you have the opportunity to buy early before the masses realize what’s yet to come...

What do you mean what’s yet to come…? 

I’m talking about a tokenized future in which all tradable assets are tokenized. Be it real estate, art, licensing, virtual game items, oil, gold, and much more. 

The tokenization of these assets will enable borderless and efficient fundraising for companies, as well as the seamless transfer of value without relying on trusted third parties (middlemen).

It will usher in a new age of shared economy where everyone with an internet connection can participate in a borderless market of all types of assets.

This is a future that is yet to come, and Paul Snow surely has that vision in mind as well. Which is why he wants to prepare for the digital tokenized shift in the best possible way with PegNet. 

In the tokenized future, digital assets will need to be seamlessly tradeable on a global scale, without borders, without a middleman, and at low cost. 

With PegNet, this future becomes a reality as it enables all of this with ultra-cheap transactions costing just 1/10th of a cent ($0.001) per trade. 

It truly is amazing and once people realize/understand what PegNet is all about, and can clearly see a future of asset tokenization, the masses will come. 

PegNet network already grows behind the curtains and people barely notice 

If you’re not excited about PegNet from this reading just yet, I think you’re about to be… 

In just 22 short days since PegNet went live, the network has already grown past $400,000 in market cap!

If you’re interested in more PegNet statistics including the number of pegged assets, the market cap of each, volume, pegged prices, price trends, supply and more, you can check out PegNet’s very own market cap website at

Another mind-blowing statistic showcasing PegNet’s explosive growth is that PegNet broke through $350,000 asset capacity in just 9 short days. That’s 164 days sooner than it took for the Bitcoin Lightning Network to achieve the same!

Again with the impressive growth statistics, PegNet’s hash rate has grown 54X since the genesis block and has already crossed 273 Million Hashes Per Second!

Also, keep in mind that this hash rate is growing exponentially and will likely be much higher by the time you’re reading this. 

For instance, 10 days prior to PegNet’s hash rate exceeding 273 million hashes per second, the hash rate was only 70 million hashes per second. 

At this rate, PegNet will be at 1 billion hashes per second in no time and PEG token holders will be throwing a party: 

Conclusions and the Future of PegNet


In all honesty, PegNet has got me extremely excited and I’m still in awe that I’ve discovered this project so early on. 

I firmly believe that these opportunities (to get involved with a quality project so early on) do not come along very often. Which is why I’ve taken a deep dive into PegNet to learn everything about it that I can. 

I’ve come to realize that PegNet’s leadership is unprecedented due to Paul Snow’s extensive history with blockchain, crypto, and his accomplishments with Factom.

I can also see PegNet’s potential to usher in a new era of tokenization where digitized pegged assets are seamlessly traded without middlemen and for 1/10th of a cent. I can see PegNet becoming the foundation of DeFi as a payments and store of value network with the security of Factom’s protocol.

However, even though I can see all of these things and understand PegNet’s true value proposition, I know it might take a while for the PEG token to actually gain traction. 

The price discovery process might even take years before the masses understand its value proposition, but in the long run, I truly believe PegNet will succeed. 

Therefore, it’s not a question of IF but WHEN it reaches a wider exposure/audience, that the early investors who did proper research and invested will be rewarded for their efforts. 

I’m curious to know what you think about PegNet? Do you see its potential to bring forth a new era of tokenization? Do you believe in Paul Snow’s vision for the project and do you think he and Factom can pull it off? 

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


Bringing crypto closer to the masses.


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