Data Reveals F2Pool Mining Pool Giant Connection To PegNet - Hashrate Goes Parabolic

Data Reveals F2Pool Mining Pool Giant Connection To PegNet - Hashrate Goes Parabolic

By DoYouEvenCrypto | DYEC | 27 Nov 2019

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, sorry about that, but at least I have some VERY good news to talk about - PegNet is growing incredibly and it looks like major mining pool F2Pool is also getting into mining PEG.  A lot has happened in the past few weeks so I’ll jump straight into it. 

This news comes from PegNet’s Discord channel.

Factom’s hash rate grown a lot in the past few days and this is no doubt because the F2Pool mining pool has joined. One user on the Discord channel even showed a screenshot of a 1500 Mhz/s hash rate!


There are two major mining pools working on PegNet now - Orax and F2Pool. I’m going to go into detail about the latter as that’s where all the discussion is happening. 

While the F2Pool related mining is not directly integrated with the F2Pool mining infrastructure, it is a sure shot sign that things are about to get much bigger on PegNet. F2Pool is one of the biggest mining pools and although there is no official confirmation, the data points to them.


David Johnston said that this was a good step for the community, saying that the “age of pools has arrived”and that he was glad to have F2Pool on board.

PegNet’s hash rate has also been growing parabolically and, as you all know, the greater the hash rate, the more support and security that is behind the network. Factom’s Chairman of the Board David Johnston (who also did an AMA) wrote about this and it is a must read. 

PegNet Showing Great Potential - And it’s Easy to Mine PEG

With the entry of F2Pool, we’re looking at an excellent short and mid term future for the PEG token. It’s not just this that’s pointing towards growth, as the PegNet market cap crossed $1 million in about a month with no pre-mine or ICO.

If you don’t know what PEG and PegNet is, it is a stablecoin network that is built on top of the Factom Protocol. It is the first kind of token on a stablecoin ecosystem that can be mined so it is very lucrative.



If you’re looking to mine, you've so far got 2 choices (with an easier GUI 1 click miner coming SOON!):

  • the Orax mining pool. It’s quick and easy. Orax has good documentation and is the first public PegNet mining pool and has minimal set up.
  • is fully open sourced and is used by more around half of all pool miners.
  • OR you can BUY PEG tokens on the ViteX exchange.

This could be a really good early opportunity to get into a token with a lot of potential in the future - get in early! 


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