PegNet Hits $1M Cap in Just 30 Days! - How To Catch Parabolic Trend?

By DoYouEvenCrypto | DYEC | 3 weeks ago

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PegNet, the stablecoin network that is built on top of the Factom Protocol, has crossed the $1 million market cap in just a month. The PegNet network and its token has grown from the ground up, as there is no ICO or pre-mine in the network. The network took 34 days to reach just over $1 million in market cap.

Basic network statistics, as well as trading statistics, for PegNet has also shown heavy activity in the past few days,

The network's hashrate especially is a positive indicator, continuing its parabolic rise and hitting nearly 500 MH/s.



Factom's Chairman of the Board David Johnston recently conducted an AMA on Telegram, answering several questions from the community that covered many aspects of the PegNet network.

Given that it's the very early days of the network, there isn't much liquidity yet, but users can mine this lucrative token - the first of a stablecoin ecosystem kind of a token to be mineable - and the token is available on the ViteX exchange.


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