Invest in your well-being

By dwayne16 | dwayne16 | 10 Jun 2019


We are all looking for money, we all want to make it in life and it is good to chase your career, it is good to work hard so that your future can be great. But we all forget one thing that without life there is no hope, dead man tell no tales. If you die in the process of you trying to make it or maybe after you make it you lose your life all what you have worked for will be another man's property.

When i was sick i realize that without health nothing can be done, too many people are in the hospital praying everyday that they should make it out of bed because their dreams was taken away from them by their health.

Health is wealth

Health is wealth is a popular saying among kids but with a very good meaning because without health no one can work productively, so for you to make money you must work and without good health you can't do all that because you won't be able to do physical activities.

Invest in your well-being

Invest well in your mental and physical health and this suppose to be one of our major priority. Go to gym, do physical exercise, eat well, sleep well and failure to do this there will be consequences in the future and you might regret it later.

I pray that God will Grant us all good health.

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