Card deck and game play personalization — the future of card games?

By Nicole Nguyen | Duelist King | 16 Aug 2021

The ultimate experiment of card game personalization with Duelist King

Card game industry is a billion USD market that has long been dominated by game distributors who have been reluctant in authenticating game assets, involving the community in game design and most importantly — creating a common ground for all gaming communities to mingle as well as transfer and trade assets among different games.

Blockchain is touted as one of the most prominent technologies to break the silos between games, increase the transferability of game assets and notably facilitate a shared playground and community for all gaming enthusiasts.

From Pay-to-Win to Play-to-Win?

Let’s imagine a future of card games where you can creatively construct your own deck, define your own game play and pick the game designs that you like — i.e. a future where you can personalize a single deck and pick your own game play after some of your favorites, such as GWENT or Yu-Gi-Oh, whenever you feel like — not because you have to abide by the rules (cause think about it, it’s not always fun to follow the rules!). Also you can freely trade and transfer your assets from one game to another and completely ditch the so-called “technical” barriers between games.

Duelist King is the next generation of NFT card games that allows you to customize your deck and pick your own game play, or even better, design your own game play and get the community to vote for your favorite one. For the first time a game is actually owned and run by the community from design, game play to tournaments as Duelist King ecosystem is governed following DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) model and community-centric interests.


Better still, your cards as NFTs come with verifiable and untampered ownership certificates on blockchain. As the owner of the card or the next collector or trader, you can easily track and trace the cards to triple check their authenticity. The NFT market has grown 300% to over 250 million USD in 2020 alone so make sure you don’t miss out on this trend this year!

Your card NFTs will come in mystery boxes containing 5 random cards of 6 rareness levels (Legendary, Special Super Rare, Super Rare, Rare, Uncommon, Common). Duelist King offers you the fun of fate — you will not know which cards you will be able to get although the infrastructure in the back, powered by in-house Oracle and Random Number Generator, guarantees fair verifiable distribution on blockchain.

The end game of Duelist King is to transform the way people buy, collect, design game play and card deck and more importantly, earn in card games — where YOU, as the end users, are the biggest stakeholders. Additionally, Duelist King offers dual values for investors from token utilities and card sales (projected at roughly 40 million USD).

Make sure you have first dibs on our premier card sales by late August. Our beta version is scheduled in Q4 so get your deck right and try out our new shiny game soon!

Choose your game and your destiny TODAY!


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Duelist King
Duelist King

Powered by in-house Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Oracle and Random Number Generator solution, Duelist King aims to transform the way community buy, trade, collect, construct decks, personalizes game plays and more importantly earn from game as KEY stakeholders.

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