Mens Fashion in 2 mins Ep: 55 of Drixx Picks 👌

By Drixx_Madison | Drixx Picks | 7 Sep 2020

Prepare for style! I'm so thrilled you could make it. Kick off your finely detailed attire and relax. Be sure to let me know which item number you like best in the comments & Follow me for future updates!

Here is the link to the previous episode. Which item number was your favorite?


👔 Item # 1 (blazer) found at: 

Item # 2 (shoes) found at: 

Item # 3 (outfit) found at: 
Main site: 

Item # 4 (ring) found at: 

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Drixx Picks
Drixx Picks

"Drixx Picks" is a fun video series where I breakdown mens upscale fashion in 2 minutes.

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