Elephant Money Futures — The Revolutionary High-Yield Savings Contract

By DeFi Demon - CryptoX0 | Defi Demon | 24 May 2023

Elephant Money is leading the herd to a more Sustainable DEFI future


Let me introduce you to Elephant Money Futures — the high-yield savings contract exclusively available at Elephant Money.

And trust me, it’s a game-changer. With Elephant Money Futures, users can earn 0.5% daily. Compared to those others projects paying up to 8% daily, 0.5% seems pathetic. Most of these other projects offer high yields. But aren't sustainable.

Nearly 99% of these tokens are now worthless. And most of the holders are left with said, worthless tokens.

Now, Elephant money is a different kettle of fish.

Firstly the rewards are paid in BUSD. So unless Binance goes down, your investment value will stay stable.

Plus, EM pays the yield from a treasury that’s mathematically proven to increase in size and value. We’ll come back to that later.

Let’s start with the most important topic.


Sustainability is a hot topic in the DEFI world. Many ROI apps have attempted to create a sustainable model but failed miserably. In my experience, the combination of a native token and hyper-compounding by users often leads to the token’s value plummeting faster than the compounding rate. 99% of DeFi platforms rely on pure ponzinomics, and when the selling starts to outweigh the demand, the price tumbles.

While some DEFI projects have managed to slow down this decay by introducing external revenue sources, none have yet cracked the code to generate enough revenue to pay the promised returns.

Until Bertha was created.

Bertha is the name for the Elephant Treasury. Bertha is the powerhouse and foundation of the entire Elephant Money ecosystem. Bertha uses a smart contract to locks away Elephant Tokens & BUSD earned through taxes to create sustainabilty within the system. Bertha’s size and value can only grow over time, ensuring EM can cover the liabilities of the entire ecosystem. As more tokens get locked up in Bertha, the supply of Elephant Tokens becomes more limited, leading to a supply squeeze and a price increase.

Bertha is, and always will be over-collaterized. And this alone makes Futures mathematically sustainable, and Elephant Money a bullish AF investment.

Benefits of Using Elephant Money Futures:

High-Yield Savings:

One of the biggest benefits of using Elephant Money Futures is the high yield it offers. The contract generates daily returns on your deposit with no lock-up periods. This means that you can earn interest on your funds every single day, and you have the flexibility to withdraw your deposit at any time.


The sustainability of EM is HUGE like an elephant. As previously mentioned, the EM contract is now backed by Bertha, the Elephant Treasury, the backbone of the entire Elephant Money Ecosystem. Bertha locks away Elephant Tokens through taxes. As more tokens get locked up in Bertha, the supply of Elephant Tokens becomes limited, leading to a supply squeeze and an invitable increase in price.

Bertha’s size and value can only grow over time. This sustainable model allows Elephant Money Futures to generate high yields for its users while guaranteeing long-term stability.

Compounding Returns:

Everyone loves talking about compound returns. They are the key to financial freedom. With EM the yield generated from your investment is reinvested back into your pot if you invest another $200 to trigger the compounding. If you want to withdraw the amount is removed from your locked funds. So you can choose to compound and increase your returns over time. Or remove funds and decrease your bag.

It’s better to play the long game with Elephant Money Futures.

Ease of Use:

Lastly, Elephant Money Futures is incredibly easy to use. The contract is user-friendly and straightforward, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience with cryptocurrency or finance.

Most people have a Binance account. With this they can buy BUSD tokens and send them to their private wallet, and then deposit them into Futures and start earning!

The Revolution is here

Elephant Money Futures is a revolutionary high-yield savings contract that offers daily returns. It’s backed by Bertha, therefore ensures sustainability, and it offers compounding returns, making it an attractive investment option for long-term savers. The contract is user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible to everyone. With Elephant Money Futures, you can earn high yields on your savings and be part of a sustainable, community-driven ecosystem.

You should never trust centralised exchanges. Not your keys, not your coins. Protect your cryptocurrency today by using a ledger.

Join my herd and come along for the ride:

After clicking the link add my address as your partner. 0xe5E95651B256308853d6D1fa27BAB13FA2De45ce

I am not a financial advisor. Do your research before investing any money and stay safe with your crypto.

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