Dumb Things Crypto Investors Say

By DeFi Demon - CryptoX0 | Defi Demon | 29 Jun 2023

Crypto bros will tell you to stop using fiat due to inflation, then advise you to buy a meme token that fluctuates by 40% in a day. And they believe the nonsense that comes out of their mouths because Forex_shark told them some financial words or some crypto whizz on Twitter advised them to buy the “dip.”

Now before the bros jump in the comment section. Yes, I know that you can make a lot of money investing in crypto. Just don’t let the blockchain take over your personality, you sound boring. We get it, your personality is bland like dry toast so you need to tweet about SHIBA going to the moon every 10 seconds.

Remember, no one gives a fuck.

1 — “Your fiat means nothing, the future is crypto.”

I get it, you want to grow your net worth from crypto. That’s ok, everyone wants more money. But it doesn’t mean you tell people that fiat is worthless. After all, you’ll cash out your profits and use *fiat* to buy the things you want.

That is unless you’re going to use Shiba to buy your groceries?

2 — Banks charge too much, crypto is the future of finance

Says every crypto bro. Which looks good on the surface, but they forget to mention the gas fees… This weekend Ethereum gas fees surged. Really, this is the future of finance?

It looks like the future of parting clowns from their cash.

3 — “To the moon, $60k!”

Crypto bros are always looking for the coin to go to the moon. It’s always about getting to that peak high, always about predicting the future with stupid lines. Every day they leave comments in the TG

"Buy now or regret later"

“Look at this falling wedge, Bitcoin is going to blow up soon”

Here’s my take on it. These lines show a bearish shark market chasing a shy bear.

It’s bullshit, they use their “influence” to try and move the market. But it rarely works, they’re not fortune tellers. They’re snake oil salesmen

4 — “HODL!”

After a spelling mistake, this became the cheerleader word for bros around the world. When the price drops you need to tweet that you HODLing to show the world you’re cool and aren’t scared of losing your money.

Buckle up, because when the bubble bursts, you’ll lose a lot of money. And trust me, it will burst because idiots are using the word “investing” when they’re gambling their money. They all throw their money at shitcoins.

Just don’t forget to HODL

5 — “Do you accept bitcoin?”

Trying to pay for goods with crypto makes you look like a tool. You’re just showing off, and people don’t care. Only crypto bros care about crypto.


Don’t be so serious

This article is a chance to poke some fun at the crypto bros around the world. Don’t take it too seriously, chances are you’ve said something like this before. If you let crypto become your personality then I’m afraid you’ve lost.

And yes, I also have money in stocks and crypto.


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