Animal Farm - Commonly Asked Questions



🐷 When is the farm starting? = Thurs 3rd Feb 2022 @ 11am -12pm EST


🐶 Why should I use Drip liberation? = Save 10% on Tax to create your DRIP/BUSD LP's to use on the farm and in the garden


🐷 How do I get PIGS? = by pairing the following LP's: DOGS/BUSD, DOGS/WBNB, DRIP/BUSD, single stake DOGS, also buy when listed on PCS.


🐶 Can I transfer my PL2 token? = No


🐷 What's the farm website? =


🐶 What do we do with our PL2 tokens? = Swap them on the website for PIGS & DOGS on the 3rd Feb (Thursday)


🐷 What is the PL2 contract? = 0x820ad100befe8a31c96098db23b1a0fa1b3f0ab4


🐶 Is there a SELL TAX on PIGS & DOGS?   Yes, 3% tax to sell.


🐷 Is there a BUY TAX on PIGS & DOGS?

        DOGS, 6% base tax on all transactions. None for PIGS.



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DRIP and the Farm - get Aggressive to earn Passive
DRIP and the Farm - get Aggressive to earn Passive

I read a post a few weeks back about the DRIP Faucet and was intrigued.... skeptical but intrigued. Passive, long term income based off of a modest up front investment? That sounds like investment nirvana, right? Well it is, but it is made possible by the most powerful force in the universe, compounded interest coupled with time. And then along came the Manor Farm and turned it all on its head. Now DRIP has utility and liquidity pools galore! Tune in to learn more as I explore them both.

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