How we can calculate that the total number of bitcoin will be 21.000.000 in the future

By DrHannibal | DrHannibal | 2 Sep 2019

We can explain with math types that the total number of bitcoin t can be mined in total are only 21 millions. 

We can use some math calculations.

Lets start


  • A 50-bitcoin reward for each mined block;
  • This reward is cut in half every 210000 blocks;
  • The indivisible minimum Bitcoin unit is 0.00000001 Bitcoin (which corresponds to 1 Satoshi).

By calculating that 10 minute average time to mine a block, the total will be 21 million as shown in the equations below.



Factoring out common terms (50*210,000) we get the following equation.



The later part of the equation adds up to 2 (or very close to 2) tending to infinity. This collapses the equation to;


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