How i can make cryptocoins (and real money) via a website WITHOUT ads

By DrHannibal | DrHannibal | 27 Sep 2019

Hello guys, i will try to explain you how you can make some money from your blog or website without and ad.

First of all , lets suppose you know html,css and javascript. Then you do not need hire a develloper.

Your only expense is to buy the name (you can also use free names)  about 10 euro / year.

You can have CPU mining from your visitors (mainly monero , and after you can exchange them to bitcoin at an exchange) by informing them if they accept (you can use this without inform them but i think it is not ethical correct).  In the past sites with high traffic made a lot of money with CPU mining of visitors (you can find these sites at google).

Another wait is to use affiliate links like these for example for flights and for hotels and gain real money (usd or euros) if they use these sites.

You can also ad google ads but i do not like to gain money from me a real big company like google.

If you need any guidance you can ask me for more informations

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