Why Salt should be a bartenders best friend!

By Mcknij | Dread's Drinks Recipes! | 6 Aug 2021

Now I'm sure everyone has either had or seen a margarita by this point and wether your a fan of it or not you are also likely to be aware of it iconic salt rim. However other than occasional cocktail that calls for salt encrusted rim, why would any bartender "worth their salt" would consider stocking such an ingredient their best friend? 

Well the answer is a relatively simple on, a small pinch of salt thrown into the mix can alter the way in which perceive other flavours. By adding just a small pinch of salt to your cocktails you will be enhancing; sweet, sour and savoury all while helping to block out bitter flavours. So next time you're making a Whiskey Sour or a Mai Tai, why not try throwing a pinch of salt in? You can thank me later. 

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