My road to web millionaire # 1

My road to web millionaire # 1

By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 26 Sep 2020

Hi guys in this series of articles i will try to explain you my plan (month by month or week by week) and i will upload you photos to show you if it is possible to become millionaire via web in next years. If you want you can tip me to help my goal, or follow the samepathway by clicking the links to support me. But you need PATIENCE and FOCUS to the millionaire plan.

My plan to be millionaire via web has some brunches


These faucets are LEGIT and i had paid multiple times


i) This faucet

ii) This faucet 

iii) This faucet

iv) This faucet


i) This faucet

ii) This faucet


i) This faucet

ii) This faucet


i) This faucet



i) This mining site

ii) This mining site

iii) This mining site 

iv)  Android mining (referral code 9t7rqzhy)



i) You can enter at this this search hotel machine in case that you want book a room in a hotel or in hostel 

Income from hotel rooms

As you can see during September i earn about 12.20 dollars from hotel rooms.

ii) A second choice like this is  this when you can earn chep airtickes.

.PS i admit that because of coronovirus there are not so many booking or flights because they afraid of . But i am pretty sure that in the next months especially at 2021 these 12.20 dollars/month can be 100 + dollars / month.



It is important to know the art of trading to be richer and earn money ! I propose some exchanges if you want practice trading

i ) This exchange

ii) This exchange 

iii) This exchange 



If you want to be rich, you must gamble a little.


As you can see i was clever and i played a FREE BET of 10 euros and i earn 21.54 euros today!!!



i) Publish0x. September until now i earn 5 dollars

ii) BRAVE Browser so i can earn BAT coins when i "surf" at net

iii)Make links here 


As you can see i earned 9.78 dollars lost month

iv)Search from here  and earn money


So if you add the money you can earn per month is at least 100 euro without work :)

I will add more sites at my next articles.

Until next time follow me !!!


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I am a BSc, MEd, MSc Programmer with Backround at Physics


In this blog i will write for cryptocoins

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