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Have fun staying poor - The new trend at bitcoin community

By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 26 Jan 2021

Hi guys, the last months the bitcoin increase day by day its popularity, so many persons that have no idea what it is bitcoin , blockchain just invest money at bitcoin and their aim is to sell at higher price and become richer.

But in social media it has started a trend with the title "Have fun staying poor " .

But what means this phrase??

This is against someone who does not buy bitcoin , but another altcoin ("shitcoin"). The tell him "Have fun staying poor" that means that he will not earn money but at least he will have fun.


Here you can see the "official" twitter account of this phrase


Have fun staying poor

This is also the "official" telegram


Here you can see a nice image from reddit forum


Have fun staying poor



Also before 12 hours it was uploaded a song with the title "Have fun staying poor"


Also there are many sites you can buy tshirts with this phrase like


etc etc etc


There is also a meet-up with this subject




It is a trend phrase now !!!

"Having fun staying poor" guys




PS The thumbnail image was taken from


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