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By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 21 Sep 2020

Hi guys i will try to give a tip for an extra income by just blogging or posting articles at facebook, instagram , twitter , social media, forum, reddit, etc etc

First of all you need spend a little tile to choose where you will post or blog.

After you find in which forum or site you will write you must choose a subject.

In the subject you will write you must find companies that you will accosiate with them.

Because i am a travel blogger i will give you information about travel blogging but also i can help you with other subject bloggings.

I am coorporating with this search hotel machine. It is like the google of hotels,hostels and apartment. you find the cheaper choice via all sites and you just book from there (you can also choose booking via this search machine). And i earn about 7% !!!

The second company i coorporate is  this . It is also a search airflight maching. So you can find the cheapest flights via all companies. I earn about 3% from this site.

Also you can find more sites to coorporate from here .

You cam find bus or train or car rental sites. If you like to write or you are social or have many followers at social media i think thats a good opportunity to have an extra income and who knows a full time job.


The photo was taken from http://europedirect.eliamep.gr/travel-video-contest-2019/travel-suitcases-at-the-airport-flat-design-vector-illustration/

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