Earn Bitcoin BTC for free legit # 3

By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 10 Sep 2020

Hi guys in this article i will show you how you can win some bitcoins for free

Today i will propose this site

Let's introduce a little bit this site. You can win about 20 satoshi per roll  (1 roll per hour).

Also if you had 30000 satoshi in your account (not only from rolls you can also deposit bitcoins at this site) you win 4.08% / year. It is a safe income without any risk (1224 satoshi per year for 30000 satoshi in your account).

Also there is a very good referral system. 50% of roll per referal so about 10 satoshi per referral rolls !

So if you have 10 referrals you can easily gain about 100 satoshi per hour !!

Also you can bet your satoshi at premier league matches, formula 1 etc etc that it is a very good plus


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The photo taken from https://www.forbes.com/sites/cbovaird/2020/09/02/whats-next-for-bitcoin-prices-after-their-latest-retracement/#19a9d37b4ea0

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