whipped chocolate mousse

Whipped chocolate mousse

By DragoNate | DragoNate | 29 May 2020

I was in the mood for ice cream, while still in the mood to whip things. Yesterday, I made matcha whipped cream & today I put it in the freezer. It came out, unsurprisingly, a bit like ice cream, but I added no sweetener.

Today, mom & I pondered ordering ice cream but then I thought I could try making some!

I put a glass container in the freezer for 5-10 mins while I gathered cane sugar, butter (and let warm up on the table) & cocoa. Then I poured some whipping cream into the glass container & put in the freezer again for <5 mins.

Took it out & started beating on a low speed & added the sugar & cocoa. I went up to medium speed & started plopping in the butter while whipping. Then I continued whipping until good & thick!

I put them in tiny, cute little serving cups!

Took them upstairs to enjoy with my mother!

Someone else was there too... but he didn't get any.

Time to enjoy with the world's smallest spoon!

(I absolutely LOVE tiny cutlery, tiny stationery & just tiny things in general!)

This was absolutely delicious & I will make more again sometime! We have leftover for now that should last only a couple more days :)

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