Daily Positivity Journal 26/03/2020

Daily Positivity Journal 26/03/2020

By DragoNate | DragoNate | 27 Mar 2020


On the twenty sis uv Motch, I had a nice workout & stretch at 2am. Slept until just before 10am.

One friend on Discord asked if I would make a Minecraft server. Sadly, I cannot since I have no income to pay for it & don't have the means to run one myself. But, another friend was there & he set one up for us! So that's pretty cool! A few people are happy, he learned something new & now there's a "private" Minecraft server to fool around on!

I had planned to make my own sushi, but after cooking the rice, it was way too hot & I just wanted food, so I layered everything in a bowl. Rice & veggies halfway up, packed down tight, spread with spicy mayo. Avocado gently smushed above & tuna thrown on top. I guess it was more like a sushi pizza or casserole. It tasted really good!

For dessert, I made creme brulee. We had a packet lying in the cupboard that was probably 10 years old as well. Maybe 8, so it's fine. It tasted delicious!

Of course, we enjoyed videos together, mom & I, the regular gaming & bit of science, a few random things here & there. Had a nap or 2. We're really gonna have to start doing something else lol!

How was thine Thursday the twenty sis of Motch?


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