Daily Positivity Journal 04/03/2020

By DragoNate | DragoNate | 5 Mar 2020


Did you think I forgot? Nope! It's the middle of the night and I am awake for 30 mins to post this before sleeping again! Wednesdays are just super tiring for me by the time I get home from the parkour gym I train at! Parkour is my favorite physical activity and I get to see tons if my friends. Today there was a lot of talking & a lot of pullups.

Earlier in the day there wasn't a whole lot that was exceptionally worth talking about. Let's say I had half a muffin lol!

Oh! I did have a weird idea to put a piece of Feta cheese in my coffee this morning... surprisingly it wasn't bad, even the feta afterwards was alright, just not salty and very soft.

What about your highlights for March 4th?

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