It's not AI vs Blockchain; It is Blockchain WITH AI

It's not AI vs Blockchain; It is Blockchain WITH AI

By Dofirst_doofus | Doofus | 17 Sep 2021

It's already been predicted that the coming decades will see the war between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Blockchain technology. Higher the data AI gets, the better it performs : just think about how seamlessly Google Assistant can perform when it learns more about us. But it comes at a cost: Privacy! It hears everything you speak, it can see you at all times, knows almost everything that you do with your phone, in short, the phone/AI knows more about you than your closest friends and family!

Blockchains are at the exact opposite end of the spectrum. The lovers of blockchain technology are the groups that value privacy the most! Security is one of the key features of a blockchain!

So it is only logical to assume that there will be a fight between these Mighty Forces in the future! Or will there be??

I don't believe this war is necessary (as a matter of fact, no war is necessary). Competition is vital in any field as it helps in removing monopoly and providing customers with better products, war is not!

There are many ways in which Blockchains and AI can go hand in hand such as

~Self driven cars: the data can be stored on blockchain, and AI could access it to improve the performance

~Trading Bots say Hi

~Hospital Data system: The patients could input their complaints (data) when they visit the hospital in thr blockchain, and AI could send them to the appropriate doctor. The rush in hospitals could be solved in a big way

~Shopping Malls : The same system can be applied with shopping malls to get the products we need

~Real estate

~AI based games on Blockchain
I can go on (not really, I got sleepy and stopped thinking), but the point is clear; it is NOT going to be AI vs Blockchain battle.
Instead I see them working together to form the Supreme force!

Imagine AI taking over the world, and Blockchain is its Commander 😵

PS: Not financial advice
Thanks for reading till the end
Cheers 😊

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