By Dofirst_doofus | Doofus | 18 Aug 2021

"Hey, you fine?" ☑️☑️

"Yeah" ☑️☑️

"You are not angry right" ☑️☑️

"No" ☑️☑️

"Thanks! I'm so sorry" ☑️☑️

"I don't need any sorry. We are done"☑️☑️


If she was hurt

Her eyes would have talked

Crying smiley, tired smiley, smirking smiley

Nothing could replace the tears waiting to roll down

In the world where 'yes' means 'no' and 'okay' means 'whatever'

I got stuck where 'Mm' and 'Kk' were still not rude

Or did I fail to catch the hidden tone that

A one-word message meant something was off beam?

When five minutes of 'typing....' ends with a 'Hmm'

It's no brainer

But when a five second pause the tick took to turn turquoise

Did I fail to guess that the notification shade was pulled down?

The iMessage brought in all the contacts

All, but eye-contact

Was I emotionless?

Or the emoticons on the iScreen were emotionless?

Was I really in love with her?

Or with the device that beeped for her

Sure it has received more touches and kisses

And slept with me more than the lady with flesh

I spent months without my eyes touching her's

But with the iPhone around, those months felt like minutes

"Hey Siri, block me the day you feel love

Because I know how it ends!"

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