Alt-coin Holders: Beware!
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Alt-coin Holders: Beware!

By Dofirst_doofus | Doofus | 25 Sep 2021

I'll try to keep it as simple as concise as possible.

So here's the thing: 

Crypto regulations are looming around the corner. We have no idea how they are going to regulate crypto. But the most important suggestions are 

~ Tax on crypto returns

~ KYC for each and every account on exchanges

~ Only allow trading in Bitcoin, or Bitcoin and a few other top Alt-coins


Crypto is a space of sooo many rugpulls, hacking, frauds, and what not. Regulating crypto can, therefore help in reducing these crimes, but at the same time can hinder new innovations too! 


But, whatever be it, holding too many Alt-coins and Shitcoins may not be a very wise decision now, given that Crypto adoption and Crypto regulation between countries have become a Cyber War like scenario, and that banning any kind of trading in many Alt-coins can actually be a thing!


Hopefully, instead of a blanket ban on the Alt-coins, let us hope that they bring laws/criteria for creating a new cryptocurrency/token. That way, consumers get protection from rugpulls/frauds without the need for hurting innovations in crypto! 


PS: Not Financial Advice! Do your own research

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