Testing Harvest.Finance - Few tests Later

By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 15 Apr 2021

Hello everyone, this is a sort of following of my last post about iFarm on LeoFinance.

I'm still waiting for the iFarm from Publish0x to come, but I still tried something on harvest.finance.

I'm not crazy and not rich neither. That's why I decided to stake coins on the Binance Smart Chain.

I realized that my BUSD and BNB staked on Binance were really not giving a lot of TLM. And playing 10 minutes on Alienworlds.io is giving more money than 5 days of staking. That's why I decided to place it somewhere else. After buying some CUB during thelast weeks I decided to test something else. That something else is FARM.

For now I've staked 10 BUSD onto it :


That money comes from read.cash. I don't make huge amounts but one post outta 4 makes more than $5 rewards in tips. That really helps to invest it in several ways.

Now I'm really looking forward for the following. Will I be able to continue that ? Maybe I'll wait to have bigger amounts before investing. Maybe every $20 instead of 10.

I think that with time I will sell my bFARMs into BUSD to stake it. Because for now I really don't want to stake it on ETH mainchain... I think you understand why with the amouts I told.

I will try to do another post in few weeks to show my experience and obviously my earnings. I think that my investments will be bigger the nex time. I'm also wondering if I should also invest my earnings from noise.cash which are for now more than $100 !

Maybe I will find another way to place my BCH earnings and for the moment DeFi really seem to be the easiest way for that. If some of you know other ways to do it I am absolutely hearing it. I just don't really believe in trading because I know I'm not good for that. Each time I try it I loose most of my initial money.

@ Maybe some of you know where I can direcly place BCH onto a DeFi platform ? I'm really not sure that's possible 😅


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Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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