My monthly income update #2 November 2020

By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 27 Nov 2020

Hello everyone's, here I want to do a monthly overview of all my earnings through many internet platforms.

For first here are my earnings from HoneyGain


There is 3 ways to earn with Honey gain :

  • Data sharing

My earnings from sharing my data are $1.40

  • Content delivery 

My earnings from Content delivery are $0

I don't know why but this month I didn't have any hour with Content delivery on. Maybe last month was a test for France.

  • Referrals

My earnings from my referrals are $0.78

Remember that HoneyGain earnings are totally passive because the only thing you have to do is to have your computer is smartphone powered on.

If you want to earn money by sharing your internet brandwidth, you can create you Honeygain account and earn you first $5 for free by clicking on this link.

Total earnings : $2.18


In this Mining idle game you can earn HORA token depending of your position in the leaderboard each week. 

You earn even when you don't play, but you can earn less if you loose position in the leaderboard.

If you want to know more I wrote a post on Hive about the game. 

You can use my referral link to create you account.

Total earnings :  ≈ 2100 HORA ≈ $0.05

Brave Browser earnings.


Here are all my earnings from Brave Browser. There is several ways to make money with Brave.

  • You earn a fraction of BAT each time you see a Brave featured ad.
  • If you are a Verified Creator, you can be tipped by other Brave users.
  • If someone uses your referral link for Brave browser, you earn a certain amount of $US depending of his location.

My earnings this month are only from ads, and now the referral program is over. At least as we know it for the moment, they may change it to something else. Even if I had a lot of ads more than the last month, it's still a little amount compared to others like a year ago.

I saw around 80 ads in the month, according to the fact that we can see up to 21 a day and up to 5 per hours. This is really low 

Because here I am at an average 2.6 ads per day.

If you want to create you account, you can use This link to support me.


 Total earnings : 4.78 BAT = $1.05


Using the Presearch Web browser, you earn 0,25 PRE token each time you press enter. More than that, you can show you ads by stacking your PRE.

That means you can fully take it back at every moment. If you want more information you can read my post about Presearch on Hive.


If you want to create you account and earn your first Free 25 for for registering, you can use my referral link

One month ago I was at 110.75 PRE. 

Allying it with Brave Browser makes Browsing the internet very profitable.


Total earnings : 43.5 PRE ≈ $0.50

On Hive I tested ways to earn in side of posting. I found some with Hive engine tokens :

  • Delegating 80HP to @Hiveupme I earn :

1. ≈ 0,3 Vault daily

2. ≈ 0,06 Tangent daily + 0,7 with tips.

The Vault reward is around $0,11 for a month.

The Tangent rewards is around $5 monthly. With the tip reward increasing the more TAN you have.


I'm delegating 100HP to @actifit to increase my rank and get some more AFIT thanks to their yield farming program.

Delegating 100Hp I have a 22,5 daily AFIT. Which makes around $0,15 monthly on Hive-Engine.

Total earnings : $5.16

Vault earnings : 9 VAULT ≈ $0.11

Tangent earnings : 21 TAN ≈ $5

AFIT earnings : 660 AFIT ≈ $0.05

On Hive ecosystem I also play several games, each time only games that needs few actions and a lot of patience :


On that City management game the earnings are in SIM. I first invested around 30 HIVE into it and now my city is generating around 90SIM a day.

This month I sent 5 homeless cards to @homeless-city. U bought a new card and it it the factory, that needs 40 workers. Now I'm regretting to have send those homeless cards.. Fortunately this is for the good cause.

Only one day before posting this I finally have enough citizens to run the factory ! Now I have a 110 daily SIM income.


That daily amount allows me to buy a new card every 8 days for now to increase my earnings. 


TOTAL Earnings : 3,300 SIM = $2.05



Rising Star is a game where you need to become the biggest rockstar possible. On it you can earn a Hive-Engine token named STARBIT which helps you buying card packs and increase you fanbase and you music skill. 

For now I'm earning around 7000 Starbits per week so around 1000 each day.

If you want to play this game, you can use my referral link. If you become my referral I will offer you a 5 fan boost to help you start this game.

If you join the game, remember that there is a huge community and writing posts about the game, your experiences and surprises grants you an upvote from @risingstargame and his curation trail.

Total earnings : 30000 STARBITS = $0.90

Let's continues with my Publish0x earnings :




Total earnings : $1.54



The amount is $3 bigger the the last month. But there is many changes. Even if I get more brave ads, the rewards are pretty the same. Most of the coin have their price lower than previous month. The PRE token for exemple is 2 times lower than last time. 

We can add to that the earnings from Hive and other Hive engine tokens such as Leo, even if I had some loss due to



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