My CubFinance (not so) dangerous bet

By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 30 Mar 2021


Today I made my biggest Fiat investment ever and it's on something I'm totally confident with.

In few day, when Cub was between $2 and $2.8 I invested in two times, 30€ the first time and 100€ the second. That makes something around $150.


The price which is still pretty low, around $2.9 is just here to test me and ask me "hey ! Ykretz ! Why aren't you investing more ? You want to be rich isn't it ?"

And I'm here like "Wow didn't know you could talk, impressive how are you doing, you're just a .png file ?"

That part was probably too much sorry..
I was more like : "Yes I wanna be rich but I can't sell all my fiat now, I still need some to live"

Yes, the problem is here. I have money right now. I could possibly invest something around $1000 but I need to watch long term and I can't spend all that money right now.

I need to save some for several projects. Creating my business is for exemple something I need more to invest in. Adding that to the fact that I'm not earning money right now, I need to save the money I have to pay the rent and repay my loan. And putting 1000€ in CUB would avoid me from 2 months of loan and rent. And I can't.

For me, putting this $150 is nothing else than a great idea.


I know that even if anything goes wrong and I loose everything, this will hurt but this isn't going to put me in trouble if I have $150 less than before.

I think that after getting a job that pays I'm going to put some monthly investments, maybe into CubDeFi. For now, I'm just watching how the price will go and I'm sure that it's going to be huge even if it takes time.

Now I can see my earnings getting faster !!
After a little less than 24 hours here where I am :


On this one I also Have my earnings from 2 or maybe 3 days of $15 of BNB/bLeo LP farm.

Here are my earnings from only the Cub Den :

And this is already pretty fast !

I have a question for you if you're reading

How did you invested in Cub ? With Leo ? Selling Hive ? Only your Cub airdrop maybe ? Fiat ? Buying cub with Bitcoin ?

Also a second if you don't mind :

How much did you invest ?


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Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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