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By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 5 Mar 2020

This is the following of my first post about Photochain.

Today I will explain you how to create your profile on it. But first I will tell you how was this website at its first year.

At first, Photochain had his own Etherum based token names Photochain (PHT) and added later possibility to pay in Fiat ( Euro, Dollar, Pounds, etc... ). To pay with their Token, you have to pay with what they call "Discount Wallet"

In the begining in 2018 the Photochain team's commission was only 5%, fours times less than their current 20% ( which is pretty low compared to other similar websites )351665157-e8e45e9a38d1100573da7714acc5fb54d16a1ae03e9c4fc7a675bc939c9d36ff.jpeg

To create you account it is simple.You find the button Sign Up, enter your email and password, verify your email, and then click on the "Become a contributor" button. Here you have to fill a KYC form. Then, even before beeing verified, you can upload your photos, add tags, name it, and wait to it to be verified. KYC

Currently, if you try to buy a picture, it will show you this message :351665157-9bd705c28cdbcc53a25af893051041fa6d948fe1e37eddad00f2136e3a23a61f.jpeg

Maybe it's showing me just because I'm not verified yet. Maybe it's just because the marketplace isn't avalible.

Here, I tried to add 3 photos, I'm waiting to my verifications. I hope this will not be too long.

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Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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