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A story to accompany my illustration.

By donnadavisart | Donna Davis Art | 28 Apr 2020

Inspired by a fellow artist/writer on the site Hive I followed suit and decided to write a small story with the rules:

Use 211 words and that it must begin and end with the same phrase and sentence. I hope you enjoy and why not join in? You don't have to provide your own artwork use a free photo or image online and write a story with the rules!



the contemplation of the idle was the idee' fixe of Clementine.

She found herself, oft on days such as this, to let her thoughts wander. In so doing she'd pity those pitiless creatures who hadn't a care in the world nor any work to be about.

"What idleness the seal", she'd scold, "What laziness bred into the lay-about owl, imagine, nothing to do all day save eat and fly"

The owl hunted hungrily.

Clementine rolled onto her back, feeling the soft moss and warm sea. She'd contemplated swimming to her Father's palace to retrieve her latest novel, but the sun was so warm; The sky so blue.

"Silly gulls" she poo pooed the birds, busily circling in their daily attempt to find food. "Haven't you any chores to be about?"

Clementine felt her back a bit sore from this pose so returned to her stomach, letting her tail wag lazily in the cool sea waters. She'd found a bit of kelp on the rock that was rather interesting.

See there: how it furls in and out as the tide played with it like so much flotsam and jetsam.A tiny little crab scuttled by, rushing from the prodding fingers of Clementine.

the contemplation of the dile was the idee' fixe of Clementine.


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I am a digital artist also working in oils and printmaking. I am an avid gardening and love to keep chickens. If I'm not creating art, I'm in the garden or reading about either or both!

Donna Davis Art
Donna Davis Art

I am an artist working in digital as well as oil and print making. I am also an avid gardener and love to 'dabble' at homesteading. Sharing my artwork and various garden projects from my home by the sea is one of my favourite forms of creativity.

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