A new artwork design inspired by the Trio Hare, Toad, and Crow

By donnadavisart | Donna Davis Art | 11 Apr 2020

My main focus in my artwork is often animals, but my latest piece, a Motif really, is inspired by my garden, my Current Garden Plans and also realizing that even the 'pests of the garden' Namely the Hare/rabbit and Crow/raven can have beauty amongst the lilies.

Here it is:



Being New here on #plublish0x I realize I need to begin to follow and read others. I am certain that is the proper and most fun thing TO DO, however, I am currently in the midst of setting up my new studio space and attempting to remain on top of my New art schedule.

I am certain other artists and any of you who 'work from home' (Which I suppose Right now is most of us!) that a schedule with coffee/tea breaks and start and finish time and lunch are pretty important to production of whatever it is that you do.

Do any of you have specific schedules you stick to or do you go for a more Free Wheel, do what I want see what get's done approach? I've tried both and only the discipline one works for me, the 'free wheeling it' never leads to much but faffing about, but I digress...


Well, I hope all of you are enjoying your day and I  look forward to going out and meeting all of your posts/blogs soon. 

One thing I'm excited about this site is that the format to write the blog is like the Old Blogger of the mid 2000's so it's sort of a nostalgia for me, those were heady online blogging days.

Until my next post, have a lovely day and find some time to work AND play in your self quarantine. 






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I am a digital artist also working in oils and printmaking. I am an avid gardening and love to keep chickens. If I'm not creating art, I'm in the garden or reading about either or both!

Donna Davis Art
Donna Davis Art

I am an artist working in digital as well as oil and print making. I am also an avid gardener and love to 'dabble' at homesteading. Sharing my artwork and various garden projects from my home by the sea is one of my favourite forms of creativity.

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