Tutorial: Sync Your Brave Browser Across All Your Devices And Earn BAT Rewards on Your Phone!

Tutorial: Sync Your Brave Browser Across All Your Devices And Earn BAT Rewards on Your Phone!

By Dominus1 | Dominus1 | 9 Apr 2020

3143414223-cecadc164d223d2e1147a9e3c78290f44afaeb4314fdbf0e1775dfcee87d2038.jpegI remember I had some argument with a certain newbie who doesn't know how to sync brave browser across. I promised him I will show him how to do it and yes I have kept my promise as I show all those wondering whether it is possible to do it how-to do it.

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Below is a video by Crypto Dad teaching how to sync all brave Browsers to one account or one phone and receive all browsers rewards called BAT to one Uphold account. the video is a YouTube video:

after watching the video,are you now convinced that it is possible? Hope you can now sync all your brave browsers across all devices to one device and receive your hard earned BAT to one Uphold account?

Brave Bowser is built on the Etherium Blockchain. It rewards users with BAT (Basic Attention Token). 

If you haven't downloaded the brave Browser yet, then Download it Here

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