Brave Together, The Zoom Alternative Video Calling Widget By Brave Browser

Brave Together, The Zoom Alternative Video Calling Widget By Brave Browser

By Dominus1 | Dominus1 | 27 May 2020

4b7422e4a0f88f5a58e6e9a110c5f038dcf9a5599d6034d1fec05f00aac1a603.jpegIn my previous post, I made it clear that in the next two Brave Browser Releases, there will be a new widget added to the Brave Desktop Browser.

That new widget is called Brave Together.

The function or main purpose of Brave Together is for video calling. Brave Together is an alternative to Zoom (video calling app on both PC and Mobile) and newly built Google Meet.

Brave Together supports unlimited video calling with unlimited number of people.

The Brave Together will come as a widget installed on the Brave Desktop Browser for now before it gets to iOS and Android later.

It is now available for Brave Nightly users in North America (Canada excluded) for testing before being rolled out to the beta version and then to the official release.

The good news is that Brave is working on adding extensions to it mobile version so it will be easier to use by Brave mobile users, that is the won't miss out.

What is not yet known is whether the Brave Together will be accessed freely or with BAT which is the digital token for Brave Browser.

The Brave Together was shared on Twitter by the official Brave twitter account:

Brave Sampson, a web developer working with the Brave team also tweeted his own version of the Brave Together,

What new thing do you see in the picture

As at now, only a few things are known about Brave Together, we will update you ones more news are being leaked.


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