Brave Browser Release Version 1.16.2 On App Store To Fix Brave Rewards Issue On iOS

Brave Browser Release Version 1.16.2 On App Store To Fix Brave Rewards Issue On iOS

By Dominus1 | Dominus1 | 25 May 2020

416fc5987ff6ed523bb84f813404f7bb314dbf41fb79a12212d5759306032ac3.pngMany people asked me when the iOS version for Brave Browser on App Store will be released to fix the brave rewards issue.

That update has now been rolled out.

The new version is 1.16.2 which fixes the bug which prevented BAT balance on iOS being correctly displayed as well as fix the bug which made it impossible to claim March earned BAT which was rolled out earlier this month. 

The March earned BAT is the rewards for the Ads notification received in the whole of March. 381ec37876acee54cf14db1475320a3e629dd4e1e471a08f62e72cbe94010a5b.png

Brave Browser users have the opportunity to opt in to receive privacy respecting Ads. These Ads are then paid by Brave to the users as rewards via it BAT token which is distributed on the 8th to 12th of every month via the Uphold wallet. Mobile iOS (Apple) version users who opt in to the program are also paid but the money or token is only stored in the iOS Brave Browser wallet and not transferred to the Uphold account. Users therefore have the option to tip creators and publishers like me with the said BAT or keep it and accumulate more until the Uphold wallet is integrated in the Brave Browser iOS version.

BAT is Brave Browser's digital token used to pay for users attention on the web. 

The news of the iOS Brave Browser new version release was made known by Brave web developer called Sampson on his Twitter account.


He is quoted as saying:

If you're on iOS, be sure to apply the 1.16.2 update. This release corrects a bug with the displayed balance in Brave Rewards.

As always, if something isn't working the way you'd expect it to, please reach out 🙂

So hurry to update your Brave Browser on iOS now. The new version is 1.16.2.


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