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Publish0x Montly ETH Payouts Is A Positive Development

By toledotrips | doingitdodson | 8 Sep 2020

Publish0x recently moved to a monthly payout system due to high GAS prices. This is a positive development and should have been in the works even if GAS prices remained low. A longer wait to receive a payout means that authors will be more invested in publishing quality work that would resonate throughout the month. Sure, daily and weekly updates would earn tips but a more nuanced article would attract attention for a longer period of time just because due to being informative, more people will tip and share on social media.

The monthly payout system ensures that Publish0x can remain profitable and vibrant as a cryptocurrency community. The amount of Basic Attention Token, Loopring, and Ethereum being earned are not life-changing. The transfer of coins to your cold storage wallet can wait a few days. Allowing Publish0x to use funds to grow the business and payout monthly instead of worrying about a bad reputation due to missing a payment on a Monday following a GAS surge is a great thing for everyone. Publish0x can have a bit more flexibility during the week and advertise a higher payout due to the monthly rate being great than a weekly rate. Noobs won't know the difference and experienced authors will appreciate the value of getting a greater payout. They'll see more reward for their investment at once, instead of a trickle of gratification. 

Now comes the decision of when during the month. Publish0x announced this decision close to the first of the month of September but the 15th of the month might make sense as most people would appreciate some extra funds in the middle of the month before ramping up the bill paying budget. As long as Publish0x continues rewarding the author and reader communities, it should remain a viable business that attracts the necessary ad revenue. 

The exploding Defi market is fueling the increase in ETH token GAS fees. Publish0x has said it will stick to the core three coins instead of moving to a non-ERC20 or ETH token. Publish0x could not keep up with GAS fees at the rate people are producing content and make those authors feel their value. Most people tip themselves 80% and the people actually writing only 20%. With GAS fees crippling Publish0x payouts, authors would not be enticed to produce new content. Readers would not have a reason to return to the site. To ensure the quality of payouts and keep most of the funds from being burned on GAS fees, Publish0x had to make this decision. 

Publish0x gained plenty of positive media headlines after paying out over $11000 in February. To maintain this progress as the best place to publish and read more about the cryptocurrency industry, Publish0x had to make sure it was able to stay alive and keep it's promises to stay profitable and available to the masses. 

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