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Podcast: Bitcoin Tools That Everyday People Can Use On A Daily Basis!

By Tako7 | Doing Crypto | 20 Nov 2023



Show Summary: "Unlocking Bitcoin Beyond Trading"
Are you tired of viewing Bitcoin as just a speculative asset to buy, hold, and sell for traditional currency? In this episode of the Uncle Project Podcast, we delve into the untapped potential of Bitcoin, sharing insights from an 8-year journey in the crypto world.
The host reflects on early challenges, including high transaction fees and slow main chain speeds, hindering the realization of their vision to integrate Bitcoin into everyday expenses. However, the narrative evolves as the podcast explores three game-changing tools that have transformed the host's relationship with Bitcoin.
The content unfolds with three main points:

Sell Your Browsing Data with Adslice:

Discover how to seamlessly earn Bitcoin while engaging in activities you're already doing online.
Explore embedded ads on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and more.
Build a community around influencers using the Adslice plug-in.
Earn BTC by participating in short surveys.

Sell Your Shopping Data with Lolli:

Learn how to earn Satoshis back on everyday purchases by connecting credit and debit cards.
Stack Satoshis daily with the "loot box" feature.

Buy Anything with Bitcoin Using Bitrefill:

Unlock the ability to purchase anything with Bitcoin through gift cards.
Save on exchange fees and embrace a "Live Bankless" lifestyle.
Align your actions with a vision of generating income within the crypto world.

The host emphasizes that these tools bring them one step closer to financial independence by fulfilling the initial vision of covering living expenses with crypto income.
In the recap, listeners are reminded that bonus Satoshis may require some effort, but opportunities abound in any marketplace. The episode concludes with a dynamic call to action, urging listeners to subscribe, join the email list, and suggest topics for future episodes.
Tune in to this fire-ass episode of the Uncle Project Podcast and discover how to unlock the full potential of Bitcoin beyond the conventional trading mindset!

Adslice - 
Lolli - 
Bitrefill - 

Hook/Opening: Did you know you can do more with bitcoin besides buying, holding, and selling it for US dollars?

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Windup - I've found some of the best daily-use Bitcoin tools that I've found since I've been into Bitcoin almost 8 years into the game. But it wasn't always like this.

Hurdles - Bitcoin transaction fees, the main chain was really slow at one point, and didn't have the ability to generate more Bitcoin how I'd like to. I wasn't familiar with Bitcoin tools outside of Wallets and exchanges.

Vision - In the beginning, my vision was to make a bunch of money in Bitcoin and be able to pay a significant portion of my living expenses with Crypto over time. But with the hurdles I was facing the was no way to see my vision through.

Options - Find Altcoin projects: Most suck hard to find good ones, there always going down vs BTC no matter how amazing they are,

Buy More: I wasn't making money for a really long time so buying crypto wasn't an option, time I could buy I didn't want to register a lot of places for them the switch up policies on me, The places were you don't register are EXTREMELY RISKY!

Find the tools that make my dream a reality: Development is picking up and better tools are being made with adoption. With the LN there are tools that can now be used by everyday people for everyday actions that they already do. Thats the amazing experience that I've had on other blockchains for a long time but now I'm Finding out how to do this in Bitcoin.

Today we're gonna talk about 3 of my favorite tools on the show and I'm gonna have 2 bonus tools in the show notes


  • MAIN POINT 1: Sell your browsing data - Adslice
  • MAIN POINT 2: Sell your shopping data - Lolli
  • MAIN POINT 3: Buy any and Everything with Bitcoin - Bitrefill

MAIN POINT 1: Sell your browsing data - Adslice

You're going to use the sites anyways so we might as well earn some bitcoin while we're there.

  • SUB POINT 1: Embeded Ads that I barely ever notice (YT, Twitch, X)
  • SUB POINT 2: Build your crew for influencers (People can support your Twitch stream for free with adslice if they watch your content with the adslice plug-in)
  • SUB POINT 3: Surveys - Earn BTC doing Short surveys

MAIN POINT 2: MAIN POINT 2: Sell your shopping data - Lolli

We've got to eat and buy things so we might as well be earning some sats back on our purchasing data.

  • SUB POINT 1: Connect your credit and debit cards to earn sats back on shopping purchases.
  • SUB POINT 2: Stack sats daily by hitting the loot box

MAIN POINT 3: Buy any and Everything with Bitcoin - Bitrefill

  • SUB POINT 1: Find a card, enter the amount you want in USD, send your Bitcoin, and then you're ready to use your gift card.

  • SUB POINT 2: Save on exchange fees and Live Bankless

  • SUB POINT 3: This brings me closer to my vision of being able to generate an income in the crypto world that I could use to take care of a significant portion of my living expenses.

RECAP: Gonna have to work a little bit to get some of those bonus sats but their out there for us. If there is a marketplace somewhere, then there's an opportunity to stack sats.

  • MAIN POINT 1: Sell some data using tools like adslice and Lilli to earn some extra Bitcoin on the Lightning Network

Bonus Tools
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