Gaining Profitable Experience as a Beginner With NFTs!

By Tako7 | Doing Crypto | 14 Aug 2021


Anyone who's followed me around knows I've been on a long journey to becoming a dolphin on the HIVE platform. But as I get closer to that goal I've been looking at some other places in crypto where I may generate some crypto while interacting with people in a community. I've been messing around on the WAX blockchain for a couple of weeks and I think I've found a good place to do some building with NFTs!


If you're a user of HIVE, you'll feel right at home on the wax platform. If you have experience with EOS and how to interact on that platform it will have even more similarities with that platform than it does with HIVE. 

But the big benefit of the WAX platform is that you can earn tokens for staking NFTs that you've earned playing games! They also have NFT's that you can merge together to get more rare NFTs that generate tokens at a faster rate. The tokens that you've earned can be used to collect pieces of another game or traded for WAX on the ALCOR exchange. 


Right now Imaddicted to this game called koloboks! It reminds me of those old Digimon handheld games. But in this game, you can breed koloboks to create new kolobok NFTs. You can also send koloboks on adventures to earn NFTs that can be staked on a platform called R-Planet, which allows you to earn their platforms token Aether, which can be used to buy R-Planet NFT game pieces or traded for wax. And did I mention that you can earn Kbucks on koloboks which can also be traded for wax or in-game perks!


As you can see the earning could be all over the place on Wax. The platform almost has kind of like a Hive Engine feel to it but focused more on NFTs than blogging. It's just a matter of knowing where the games, marketplaces, staking platforms, and exchanges are for Wax. And even though I'm new to Wax I'd be happy to share some of the places I'm getting started. 


Market Places

Staking Platforms


If you have any other platforms that you use or games that you play on the WAX blockchain, please let me know in the comments. As I'm getting more rewards on other platforms, I'm definitely looking to buy and earn more NFTs on WAX to build a master collection. Super excited about learning the process. 



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Doing Crypto
Doing Crypto

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