Ethereum Defi Fomo: Any Good Defi Projects?

By Tako7 | Doing Crypto | 25 Jan 2021


Lately I’ve been really feeling like getting into some defi projects. 

I never really thought defi on Ethereum would be for me. I don’t hold a lot of Ethereum and the fees are crazy. This pretty much priced me out of projects on Ethereum. 

But now that the price have gone up I feel a little different about my holdings. And there’s also all these crazy dips that happen that make it hard to hodl sometimes.

 I’m getting to the point where I’m thinking about locking up some of my holdings in defi just so I don’t move a ton of Ethereum around trying to “take profits”. Fees are too high for that!!

Even if I’m not earning a ton from locking tokens up in a contract at least I’m not moving that crypto around.

A lot of these projects also give you an incentive for using their platform and contracts as well. 

but which are the best ones? 🤔


Two projects that have my eye right now are projects that deal mostly with btc pegged tokens...

one I’ve used before. It was really simple and worked like it said it would.



The next one is pretty new to me. But seems like a really good project. 

I’m a little disappointed I missed the airdrop but hopefully catch a future drop someday.

and that’s 



From what I can tell so far they seem to be solid projects. And I want something I can lock away out of view so that I’m not panic selling or buying too many nfts..

I still need to do some more research before I go in but do you have experience with either of these projects? Good or bad?

Do you know of any other defi projects that are good for people who don’t have a ton of eth to lose to fees?

please let me know in the comments!

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