3 Things I learned about Bitcoin Cash This Week!

By Tako7 | Doing Crypto | 29 Jan 2021


Yesterday I was doing a some exploring and I saw that there was a new Bitcoin Cash social media network for me to try out.

Me being a sucker for communities in crypto, I dived right in.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used a platform built around Bitcoin Cash, I’ve used others in the past but just didn’t stick around.

But after diving back into a lot to bitcoin cash tools and communities yesterday, I’ve come to some pleasantly surprising realizations...

1) They have something similar to Erc-20 tokens called SLP tokens

I don’t know what any of them do yet. I just saw someone mention them on another website, but the overall idea is pretty cool.

They have a token marketplace on I haven’t bought any tokens so I don’t know what’s worth the time, but there are lots of tokens that have been created...


2) and are completely different websites

I’ve been seeing little things pop up about these websites and for a while I thought they were the same thing.

I was super wrong! is microblogging website that pays you to tip others. It works similar to Publish0x, but shorter posts and bitcoin cash tips.

They have communities called chambers where you can post content to focused groups. And they payout directly to your wallet within minutes of the tip being sent to you...

Pretty nice 👍🏾

220902743ee794edc763d6c85cdf665f99fa828a6714b6697d6fb1ad3d269750.jpg is more for long form content. On there you can earn tips as well. They also have a system where you can have people buy ad space on your article

I don’t know how fast the tips are received on this platform. I’ve actually been getting downvoted.😢

But you can set this up with the same wallet that you use for


3) A lot of the Bitcoin Cash apps and tools are easy to use, easy to manage, and extremely fast

You can tell they’re building things on BCH that works, works, well, and that people can actually use.

The mobile wallet is actually really nice. It’s super fast, it works with btc and bch, it store slp tokens, and it has a built in swap exchange.

They have you news, links to crowdfunding apps, apps that allows you to save on Amazon purchases, an app that shows you local businesses who accept Bitcoin, and the list of apps goes on.

And these are all in addition to noise and read!!! 👍🏾


I hadn’t paid too much attention to bitcoin cash but they have a lot of cool tools that people actually seem to be using.

I can’t wait to dig in more and see what I find!!!

Bitcoin Cash No Brainers:

Earn Bitcoin Cash for sharing your content on

Save on Amazon purchases when paying Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash!!!

Download the wallet!

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