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Snail Project Play2Earn Game : The presale is already open

By Tirria | Doggy Talk's Reflections | 19 Feb 2023


"Snail Project" is a new play-to-earn online simulation game where players take on the role of a traveler who has arrived on a new planet to survive after life on Earth became unviable. The game offers players the chance to rent lands for farming, mining, and creating new tools, as well as to breed and sell unique NFTs with other players.


The gameplay revolves around players managing their lands and resources to build and expand their own small civilization. Each player can rent lands to plant crops, raise animals, and extract minerals. The players can also craft tools that help them in their daily activities. The game has its own unique crafting system, which allows players to combine various items to create new ones.

One of the unique aspects of "Snail Project" is the breeding system, where players can breed and create new NFTs. Players can mix and match different NFTs to create new ones. These new NFTs can then be sold or traded with other players. Additionally, players can earn snails, the in-game currency, by selling the NFTs they create.

"Snail Project" is a play-to-earn game, which means players can earn real-world money by playing the game. Players can earn snails by renting lands, planting crops, breeding NFTs, and other activities. The snails can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or other digital assets, which can be converted to cash.

The pre-sale for "Snail Project" is currently open, and there are only a limited number of NFTs available. These NFTs are unique, as they are only available during the pre-sale period. Once the pre-sale is over, the NFTs will not be available for purchase again.


In summary, "Snail Project" is a unique play-to-earn game that offers players the chance to build and manage their own small civilization on a new planet. The game has its own unique crafting system and a breeding system that allows players to create and sell NFTs. The game is also play-to-earn, which means players can earn real-world money while playing. The pre-sale for "Snail Project" is currently open, and players interested in the game should act quickly to secure their limited edition NFTs.


Recently the Snail-Project team has published the first image of one of the nft travelers and they will continue to publish relevant information constantly until the game launches in April-May.



At the same time, a referral system has been implemented through which you can win Snail and discounts when the game is launched.

To access the Whitelist you just have to follow the steps indicated in the Tweet. If you do, I would really appreciate selecting my name as a referral (Tirria#0166), this way we will both earn Snails.



Here is the link to access the whitelist and get your Traveler NFT


and please, remember to mark my user as referred (Tirria#0166)



I hope you enjoyed the article and of course I hope to see you both on social networks and in the game







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