Review: Faucet Crypto

Review: Faucet Crypto

By doesalexx | DoesAlexx | 21 Aug 2020

ted by Dante Cloud Network, and proudly run from the lovely Brasil, Faucet Crypto features a mixture of paid-to-click advertisements, short links, and offer walls, giving a varied mix of options to get crypto.

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Faucet Crypto is one of those sites where you collect "coins" that can be exchanged into a multitude of different coins.

From the classics (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin), to the tokens on the rise (like Tron) and resilient forks (like Bitcoin Cash, BitcoinSV and Ethereum Classic).


There is something for everyone here. It's worth noting that not all coins are available all the time, but within the spawn of a week, you would have been able to cash-out in virtually any of them.


Short links are pretty easy to complete and usually don't feature double captchas. Sometimes, you're required to complete a captcha in the Faucet (like in Alt Hub) and the one inside the short link itself.


PTC ads keep popping up during the day and should be a priority, as they will disappear as the required amount of clicks is completed, as opposed to short links or offer walls. There are usually ten of them, when you first log-in, and they sporadically keep coming.


Withdrawals are a mixture of direct downloads and micro wallets, either way, the payouts have always been extremely fast, automatic you could say, and with no issues on any occasion.


The highlight of Faucet Crypto is for sure their Levels system, which awards you for completing actions in the site, levels are unlimited, and I have users on the chat that are on level 600+. There is also an achievement that will awards more EXP for faster leveling up or coins to exchange for crypto for completing certain amount of short links or PTC ads.


Not there yet, but we're working on it.



My favorite faucet site at the moment, and thought it was worth a share.


If you're interested, check out Faucet Crypto through my link.



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