Nexo Now Supporting TRON (TRX) Staking

Nexo Now Supporting TRON (TRX) Staking

By doesalexx | DoesAlexx | 30 Jul 2020

After being teased as an upcoming feature for quite a long time, Nexo, the company ''in a mission to decentralize global fiance'', has finally added TRON as the latest crypto asset they will be offering compound interest on their "Earn" product and lending, as it now became part of the currency allowed to be used a collateral for their Crypto backed credit lines.

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Getting ahead of BNB and PAX Gold, that had been part of the Nexo platform already, TRON was the one to be added first into the "Earn" program, that is how the company dubbed their compound interest acquiring program.




TRON (TRX), is in line with other non-stable cryptocurrencies and is said to be receiving an annual interest of 4%.

Something that translates in daily returns that add to yearly ROI of 3.90%~


As with any of the other currencies in the "Earn" program, there is a minimum that needs to be available in your Savings Wallet for it to start acquiring interest, TRON's being 150 TRX, anything below that amount won't be eligible for interest, so that's something to keep in mind.


For those looking to have their hands onto as many tokens as possible, Nexo's addition of TRON just gave users another option to look into if you're trying to strengthen your passive income flow.


I have been using any TRON I get a hold on, in Goosebet, but I may be starting to save them up in Nexo and start betting on Goose with the generated interest, the closest to the best of both worlds.


Check out NEXO, and start earning interest on your crypto.



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