Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. How to decide the price of the card?

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. How do I decide the price of a card? Just a personal opinion.

By HSY | DoctorWho-WorldsApart | 15 Aug 2021

Hi, welcome to my Doctor Who block-chain card game article😉

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To be honest, I just want to write it down for me to share with my friend, but maybe it can help you to figure out your own solution.😉  

Question: How do I decide the price of a card?

Actually, I don't think most of the sellers and buyers truly know the value of each card...we don't even have played the game yet, right?

We are most likely selling a picture with fans' favorite characters rather than selling a DWWA card. And the way we measure the value of a card is based on the experience of a DW fan rather than a DWWA player.

But, the reason why you clicked on this article is probably that you still want to know something that may guide you to decide the price of your cards, right?
At least you want a possible way.


So here's the way. It may be helpful. (or may not 😋) 

In this article, We won't talk about some crazing cheap prices, such as $10 Legendary.
You will buy them when you see them.

In my opinion, I would like to divide the same frame cards into 4 kinds. 

  • 1. Doctor card
  • 2. Companion
  • 3. Matching frame, as a "pure painting product" or "art". (ex: Tardis in Tardis frame)

How beautiful it is🤗

  • 4. other (planet, creature...Bala Bala)

P.S. Since we haven't even played the game yet(2021/08/15), no one can truly know what is the real powerful card or guarantee that card won't be changed by the official after the Alpha or Beta. So, I treat them all like the type of  "other" currently.

Also, I won't take the Serial Number into my consideration, because it is too hard to find an objective rule of the market value of Serial Number.
But we still can believe in the serial number is the lower the better, except some #Right. (ex: #12 of 12th Doc)

P.S. What's #Right? Check this article! Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. What makes a card Special and Valuable?

I will use the sort of "other" card with common rarity to determine the value of the other 3 different rarities and that is because the price of "other" card in each frame all should be the floor price and the stablest.

For example, If the price of a Common card is $15, then the floor price of a Rare card may be set as $25. ( based on the chance of getting per card)


Here's the simple equation, Y=aX+b. (just a sample, the equation can't be that simple)

  • Y is the market price which we are trying to find.
  • X is the cost per card by getting them from opened the alien pack.
  • a is the combination variable of "rarity" & "which kind of the card"
  • b is the premium price of a fans' emotions.  

After checking the sold card record on the activity page, we can discover the "baseline" of a card in a particular frame for the a & X of our equation.

Then the "b" can be discovered by comparing the same rarity and frame as well.

$100? $200? depend on the sold card record.  

The premium price will change by variable kinds of frames and the floor price of common card.
But it is still easy to find the baseline of a particular frame by observing the common cards and comparing the circulation with other frames.

Once you find the baseline or the floor price that you can accept, things start to become easy.  
Remember, not only the market is small so that won't be complex but also don't forget it is still a game.

Having fun should be the only matter thing to you!

So, according to what I had mentioned above, now you should have the floor price of your version.

1. Doctor

Before we know the gameplay, all the doctor cards should follow the same price line in a similar circulation of the same particular frame. (like, Bronze Dalek and Cyber Warrior frame).

And you don't need to think about why some common card has a higher price than a more rarity card. Because the fan isn't a logical creature when facing their favorite characters. (Sorry, I mean myself😥)

Why an Epic 2th Doc card has less price than a Common 11th doc?
Because I like Matt Smith, that's the reason😎

2. Companion

Same rule to the companion. Why the Clara in Tardis frame is so expensive?

Cuz she is Clara.

3. Matching frame

The matching frame will have its own individual price. So it can be 100% decided by the market only. Or by the price of its alien pack cost.

In the end, here's my relaxing and Irresponsible conclusion.  

  • Question: How do we decide a price of a card?
    1. Check the sold record of the activity page to find the floor price of the common card.
    2. Use the floor price of the common card to forecast the entire particular frame card.

  • Question: Is there any safe strategy that I can have?
    Always get the new card from pack opening, it can make sure that you have the min-cost. And if you want a desirable card from somebody, you can use the way of "trade" with the same frame card rather than selling your card into USD for purchasing it.

I think using money (published by the government) to decide the value of the crypto market is the worst way.

Check the circulation of the card and let the SN be as lower as possible. These may be a useful way for you to avoid the trap.

But don't forget the biggest fact, compared to the future, we are still in a very early stage of this game.   

Maybe we can have a Win-Win situation?  Think by yourself.

The above content is my personal opinion, I do not provide any financial advice.

Thank you for reading~🙌

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