Kardiachain - A Vietnamese Blockchain Giant

By Enigma_ | Enigma | 25 Sep 2020

In the past few months, Kardiachain ($KAI) has added to its already stellar list of partnerships and continues to penetrate into various sectors of Vietnamese economy such as telecoms, gaming, entertainment and transportation.


For those of you who have never heard of KAI, it is a Vietnamese blockchain startup aiming to achieve true interoperability using dual-node tech. This is done by utilizing KSML or Kardia Unified Smart Contract Language for the ecosystem, effectively destroying any barriers for developers who are unfamiliar with the base code but wish to connect their projects smart contracts/dapps with those on the KAI blockchain resulting to true interoperability

Partnerships with the three largest telecoms companies in Vietnam

By using KSML, creators can produce dApps where finalized invocations on one blockchain can trigger contracts on another blockchain, allowing funds to be moved between them without any extra interaction required by the end users. Acting as a translator, KSML can be used to handle failures, and in the future the team intends to allow developers to embed chain-specific code to further increase the logical capabilities of its contracts.

Partnership with BIGCAT Entertainment

Currently, market cap is at 26M, lots of room to grow considering they are pushing for mass adoption in a country with a population of 95M. For now its an ERC20 token but mainnet and switch to native token is set to roll out Q4 this year. Kardiachain also has government officials in its board of advisors and the team is composed of Google tech engineers.


MantraDAO as its genesis validator

Chainlink and Band Protocol as its oracles

NEO (integration into ecosystem for interoperability)

FLETA (healthcare industry)

Ankr (future Kardiachain nodes and servers will be deployed on Ankr infrastructure)

Use Cases:

Sports prediction app with ON Sports, a top Vietnamese sports channel and subsidiary of the national TV broadcaster of Vietnam

BIGCAT Entertainment (One of the biggest players in the entertainment industry of Vietnam)

Viettel, Mobifone and Vinafone mobile data top-ups (Basically they’ve monopolized 95% of the telecom industry in Vietnam)

Mai Linh Corporation Green Card integration for taxi ride payments (Biggest transportation conglomerate in Vietnam)

MYKEEPiN Alliance for Decentralized Identity applications


Kucoin, Gate, Kyberswap, Uniswap, IDEX

Official Channel: https://t.me/kardiachain

Investors Channel: https://t.me/kai_investors

Website: https://kardiachain.io

Contract Address: 0xbd6467a31899590474ce1e84f70594c53d628e46


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