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Black Widow

Major NFT Drop Announced by Juan Marcos Illustrations

By DrCharles | Doc's Thoughts | 3 Feb 2023

Major NFT Drop Announced by Juan Marcos Illustrations

Black widow

Things in the cryptocurrency and NFT space have been a bit crazy lately but regardless of everything going on... good art is still good art. I had the pleasure and the honor to assist in setting up "Part 1" of a major NFT drop coming from Juan Marcos Illustrations in the "A Bugs Life" NFT series. 

Juan is well-known in the illustration community for his high-quality and unique artwork. In addition, Juan Marcos also created the well-loved NFT characters for the BlockchainRPG NFT game on WAX.

Part 1 of the "A Bugs Life" series on WAX brings a total of (20) hand-made illustrations from Juan to the WAX blockchain. With a limited drop of (25) mints of each illustration, they are not expected to be available for long.

Drop Details:

All (20) NFT's will be dropping this coming Saturday 2/4/23 @ 10:00 am Eastern Time. Each NFT will have 25 mints available in this drop for only 10 WAX each.

Drop Location:

Part 1 of the "A Bugs Life" drop will be hosted on NeftyBlocks. Part 2 will most likely be planned for NFTHive.

NeftyBlocks Drop Page - 

Available Drops in Part 1:

Click on the individual pictures to go directly to the NFT Drop Page for each image.

- The Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

- The Jewel Bug

Jewel Bug 

- The Atlas Beetle

Atlas Beetle

- The Common Wasp

Common Wasp

- The Giant Desert Centipede

Giant Desert Centipede

- The Eyed Hawk-Moth

Eyed Hawk-Moth

- The Glasswing Butterfly

Glasswing Butterfly

- The Black Widow

Black Widow

- The Ulysses Butterly

Ulysses Butterfly

- The Desert Locust 

Desert Locust

- The Two-Striped Grasshopper

Two-Striped Grasshopper

- The Hercules Beetle

Hercules Beetle

- The Greenhouse Centipede

Greenhouse Centipede

- The Indian Tiger Centipede

Indian Tiger Centipede

- The Garden Winged Dragonfly

Garden Winged Dragon Fly


- The Heath Fritillary

Heath Fritillary

- The Blue Clouded Millipede

Blue Clouded Millipede

- The Small Empress Moth

Small Empress Moth

- The Scarab Beetle Miner

Scarab Beetle

- The Chinese Redheaded Centipede

Chinese Redheaded Centipede

Part 2 of "A Bugs Life"

Part 2 of this drop with additional illustrations for the series will be announced once Part 1 sells out. I look forward to helping put bring this great artwork to the WAX community.

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