Steemit and Steem getting some Press!

By Doc | Doc | 26 Aug 2019


With the HF quickly approaching, some news sites have been talking about steem.

Normally I don't see many things steemit/steem related on

In fact, I think I only have seen something there once or twice in the last 3 years.

Ironically, it was there that I first heard about steemit and steem, but that is a story for another day.

I just stumbled upon this the other day as it relates to steem and steemit:

This is on top of a number of other news outlets talking about the upcoming HF.

It mostly has to do with the PR that steemit put out announcing it...

For his part, Coingecko has been doing his part with a HF explanation and countdown on his website:

We also got a tweet from Coindesk talking about the upcoming HF:

There have also been a number of smaller crypto news sites picking up the PR.

We need to keep doing this!

I know that PRs cost money, but hopefully this was a revelation to steemit,inc that they should put out press releases when steemit and or steem has significant news to share.

In my opinion, steemit needs basically a complete re-branding due to the negative press it has had over the past couple years, but if we aren't going to do that we better be prepared to advertise in order to bring in the new users.

Anyways, great to see some news sites talking about steem and steemit again.

Stay informed my friends.


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