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Bitcoin Fails to Regain $10K as Market Dominance Hits 6-Week Low []


The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.

The overall cryptocurrency market cap stood at $263 billion, with Bitcoin’s comparative weakness pushing its dominance down to six-week lows of 67.4%.

Bitcoin Investor: We’ll Never See $10K Again After Next Cycle Low []

Following repeated attempts by bulls to take the price per BTC to new highs, the market has turned bearish and is expecting a cycle low to be set where buying interest would return in a major way. But following that cycle low being set, one prominent Bitcoin investor believes after Bitcoin price breaks back above $10,000, it’ll be the last time that price is ever seen.

Ethereum Up, Bitcoin Down, Why? []

The rarest sight, Sep 2019

The rarest sight, Sep 2019

Something extremely rare is occurring, something we have not seen for two years. Ethereum is rising, while bitcoin is either not moving or even falling.

This state of affairs used to be common place. The ping pong of crypto, which seemingly applies only on the way up – or everyone is miserable on the way down so no one bothers to care about it.
The crypto show we call it, a stage taken by different cryptos at any one time in a passing of the batoon manner.

Cryptocurrency market appears to be in bad health as volumes tank by 60% []

The average daily volume on both Binance and Coinbase is now at a six-month low after dropping 60% since peaking in June
While the interest currently appears to be decreasing, the prices are still standing steady, which is unprecedented

CME Futures at a 4-Month Low & BTC Below $10K as Alts Remain Steady []
CME Daily Volume | Source: skew

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) futures is said to have recorded a 4-month low amid crashing BTC price. Altcoins, on the other hand, have been rising steadily. Today, despite a bearish market, they were not affected as drastically as the top cryptocurrency. Is this an indication of the rise of altcoins?

SEC Chief: You're 'Sorely Mistaken' if You Think Bitcoin's All Grown Up []

“An even harder question given that they trade on largely unregulated exchanges is how can we be sure that those prices aren’t subject to significant manipulation? … People needed to answer these hard questions for us to be comfortable that this was the appropriate kind of product.”

Bakkt’s launch coincides eerily with Bitcoin’s breakout: Will Bakkt be a tailwind or a headwind? []

Now that Bakkt is launching in less than a week, it is safe to say that Bitcoin will reach a new milestone, especially with the large-scale onboarding of institutional buyers and price discovery, in tandem with physically settling Bitcoin. After almost a year of delays and regulatory pushbacks, Bakkt is finally set to launch in less than a week.

Chinese Crypto Czar: Facebook-Led Libra ‘Might Be Unstoppable’ []

China’s cryptocurrency czar believes that while the world powers do not welcome Facebook’s Libra, the stablecoin’s advance might now be unstoppable.

A few days before Changchuan Mu, the new director of China’s Research Institute on Digital Currency, officially assumed his role on Sept. 6, an online education platform released six lectures by the crypto chief.

In the series, Mu answers a range of crypto questions, from Libra’s technical features, to its potential integration with the international currency system, while touting the advantages of China’s own digital currency compared to Libra.

Crypto Sentiment Almost Never Lies: 5 Hot Coins, And 4 Cold Fish []
Source: The TIE

Well, that rally was short. Just as traders started to get excited for the 2019 altseason, cruel fate snatched it away again. As Crypto Briefing suggested yesterday, the latest sharp rise may have been nothing more than a temporary short squeeze.

A short squeeze usually involves unexpected good news or a change in crypto sentiment. There wasn’t much in the news yesterday, so that means yesterday’s price action could have been a result of cascading liquidations, which can sometimes cause exponential rises like the following:

Binance to Create Fiat-to-Crypto OTC Platform Aimed at Chinese Market []

Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, is currently considering to open up an over the counter (OTC) trading desk on its platform. The move, which was reported by Coindesk, was created to cater to the Chinese market, experts stated. It will provide a gateway for deposits of fiat and the Chinese yuan (CNY) will be accepted.

By doing this, the exchange probably has the goal of entering the lucrative Chinese market, which cannot be entered by conventional means because of local laws banning cryptos. He Yi, the CMO of Binance, has recently affirmed that several Chinese traders are now using crypto OTC desks because exchanges were banned from the country.

Binance and Coinbase See Massive Surge in Web Traffic, Despite Sinking Volumes []


(source: CryptoCompare)

The latest CryptoCompare Exchange Review has been released, and one of the interesting takeaways is the emerging consolidation of exchanges’ web traffic to fewer exchanges. Namely, exchanges that are highly rated by CryptoCompare are garnering more of the web traffic “market share."

Bitwise Makes Pitch for Bitcoin ETF in Presentation Published by SEC []

Bitwise Asset Management has presented the main reason why the crypto industry is mature enough for a Bitcoin ETF, Forbes reports.

In a presentation, which was published by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it mentions spot market efficiency, institutional-level cryptocurrency custody, and the growing popularity of Bitcoin futures.

New Research Shows How Young Adults Drive the Cryptocurrency Revolution []

Are Millennials and Gen Zers (post-millennials) driving the growth in adoption of cryptocurrencies? A growing amount of recent research suggests that the overall increase in society’s acceptance of the technology is exponential and is concentrated among the youngest cohort of the population.

Paxful, the online bitcoin marketplace, commissioned the latest survey of U.S. Millennials (aged 22 to 42) and Gen Zers (18 to 21), parsing their attitudes and experiences with cryptocurrencies.

For the First Time Ever Ethereum Aggregated Fees Surpass Bitcoin’s []

For the first time in history, the fees paid for Ethereum transactions exceeded the aggregated commissions on Bitcoin’s network. In the last 24 hours, Ethereum users paid $207,000 compared to nearly $183,000 fees on the Bitcoin network. The average transaction fee paid for Ethereum now amounts to $0.16 per transaction, while for Bitcoin it is $0.206, according to Messari.


국내 첫 미디어 연합 블록체인 컨퍼런스 ‘KBW 2019’ 열린다 [blockpost]

블록체인 기술과 산업에 전문성을 인정받는 미디어 5사가 공동으로 아시아 최대 규모 블록체인 컨퍼런스 ‘코리아블록체인위크 2019(KBW2019)’를 오는 9월 27일부터 10월 4일까지 개최한다.

국내 최대 블록체인 행사 '디파인' 열린다...디센터 등 5개 미디어 주관 [decenter]

9월30일부터 10월1일 양일간 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 퍄르나스에서 팩트블록의 ‘코리아블록체인위크(KBW) 2019’ 주간(9월27일~10월4일) 중 메인 행사로 열리는 디파인 컨퍼런스에는 국내외 주요 기업들과 블록체인 프로젝트들이 대거 참여할 예정이다.



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