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How do I make my post perform well on Publish0x?

By ROcrypton | ROcrypton blog | 3 Feb 2023


  How do I make my post perform well on Publish0x? ....I wanted to know the answer to this question!

       remembering posts


  I can't say if the problem is the tags or the fact that I have few followers, but I've been trying to better elaborate my last texts, and they don't want to perform at all, but I'm not giving up... Let the tips come!

    Altcoin AGIX in your CEO 👇


   The next text I wrote as an incentive for more readers to come and be authors along with us.

  Come be an author together with us 👇


    I also find it interesting to open this topic because a lot of people don't enter the text because it disappears in the timeline, which is absolutely normal, so if we use creativity we can make the reader feel good and also curious to enter the blog and see others texts and articles.

  And to finish, I'm going to leave a Christmas drawing that was the most viewed post at the beginning of the I forgot to post it on Christmas

   The Christmas of the Cats 👇


  Thank you to everyone who made it this far, thank you very much for the tips, you help me to continue with all this, I have a dream of being a digital nomad and thus being able to leave civil construction, a satoshi of yours means a lot to me THANK YOU!

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