Brand new defi dao..100x!?!? MYX

By Det10 | dmd10 | 15 Aug 2020

  With all the recent defi projects coming out and going crazy I have been checking daily for new projects. Last night I was on coingecko and found this new defi token. They are partnered with the new lid project. The liquidity dividends protocol that is also new and only been out a few weeks. This one is MYX it is a deflationary token starting out with 1 billion supply with 5% burn on transactions. You can stake your coins and earn part of the 5% until there is only 100 million left. The holders of the token will govern the dao. I have not got into what they plan for the future I just wanted to take a small chance. The token is only .003 usd right now so some nice gains could happen. It is only two days old and has almost 2 million in volume. Here's the link to their site and I will post the uniswap link to buy too. If you buy any go to the page after and stake if you want to earn more. Last night the gas fees were finally down. I am still learning and have no idea if this will be legit or not. I have got into plenty of flops and my best two I have found I posted already. I put in small amounts and got very good results with the other two. This one who knows.

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