A Test of Man

A Test of Man

By Djmssr | D.j.messer | 16 Mar 2019

Visions held, left behind from the broken scenes of a fragmented past.

A world born of a lost faith and ever growing turmoil.

The icy cold chill of pain and a fiery hatred are all consuming.

Creeping up, weaving through out every pore and sinew,

like the wild beast stalking its prey from afar.


    A truly abstract objective of man.

To live and to learn, growing stronger with every twist and turn.

To evolve and to create, only to progress in an eminent mass destruction.


    A transient soul, lost to the will of a false tyranny.

The plight of man is to set a test of accomplishment.

To test the limitational boundaries of man,

he must test only the true power held with in.

A man shall only meet the height of his true potential once he has met his worst.

All to be lost to the gloomy formidability of fate.


"Thoughts and Dreams" 

Pg 6

Copyright 2015

D.J Messer

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