Best Youtube channels and Twitter accounts for learning in crypto !

Best Youtube channels and Twitter accounts for learning in crypto !

By Djordi | DJCrypto | 26 Jan 2020

Hi everyone,

This is my first ever article written and I would like to thank Publish0x for giving me this chance ! Do not hesitate to give me feedback on my writing !

I started investing and learning about cryptocurrencies in late 2017 when altcoins were booming. Another article will come later about this experience, because I believe some people can relate to me in terms of how I approached the crypto market in the beginning and how that has changed a lot.

For now I would like to focus on how to get the best information in crypto out of Youtube channels and Twitter accounts for newer people out there. There are so many different channels and accounts on Twitter that it will be difficult to separate the good ones from the lesser ones. It is not always the ones with the most subscriptions or followers that are the best ones and there are quite some accounts that are very informative that do not have a lot of followers (they deserve more !). I have been looking around for more than 2 years now and I am fairly certain I have found the right ones (at least for me). I like to learn every day and so I tend to watch quite some videos on Youtube every week to try and follow the ever changing crypto market.

The Youtube accounts will also look at trading and especially trading Bitcoin, but next to that it will also be news articles and people that sent out tweets that can be important for you to follow what is happening in the market of crypto. Here come my favorite Youtube channels. If you think I missed some, do not hesitate to write them in the comments !

- Texas West Capital

Texas West Capital is led by Christopher Inks and is for me hands down the best channel out there on Youtube if you want to learn how to trade in the crypto market. He will give in depth analysis of Bitcoin on different time frames and will try to teach you the most important things in trading, namely risk management (stop-losses) and to keep your emotions out of trading. He will go on rants every now and then and do not feel offended when he speaks sometimes, because you will learn so much from this person. You can also asked questions in the chat during his sessions. They will teach you how to trade by yourself without needing anyone, rather then to rely on someone telling you where to enter exactly and where to exit. He will not sent out videos every day but when he does it is well worth your time to watch ! His right hand is Scott Melker who is also a very good trader and you can follow him on Twitter (I will put him on the Twitter list later on in this article).

- Nick Core

Unfortunately Nick Core does not do videos anymore on Youtube but he does it now on Twitch sometimes. In terms of analysis with all kinds of indicators, I believe he is the most gifted out there. His calls are so often right that it is scary sometimes. His videos are long and there is a lot of talking so you can always scroll through a little bit if you wish to hear only about his analysis, but he will give you valuable information ! He will also talk about altcoins but it will be mainly Bitcoin. He has his own website called and he has created his own indicators that work well in the crypto market. You will also find him on Twitter under the name Nick Core.

- Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie is a nice channel to follow for Bitcoin and altcoins. Normally he will do videos every day and he gives away a Ledger Nano S every week on Mondays if I am not mistaking. He will show interesting news articles to keep you up to date on crypto and he will show as well interesting tweets that you may not find during the day. Furthermore he often starts with his own analysis of Bitcoin.

- Jacob Canfield

Highly informative for trading in Bitcoin and altcoins. You will learn from this guy, he is a good trader and he is also famous on You can follow him on Twitter as well under the same name.

- MMcrypto and DavinciJ15

They will not always give the right calls, but who can ? They will still show interesting charts and reasons for why Bitcoin and altcoins will move to the upside in the future. DavinciJ15 will show some of his analysis skills and MMcrypto has sometimes videos where you will find informative charts and information about crypto.

- Crypto Crew University

This channel gets criticism and his courses are very expensive, but you do not have to buy them of course ! He makes videos once per week normally and I believe they are very interesting. The charts he makes sometimes are incredible and you will learn from this guy. Scroll through his selling of his courses during the video an check out his charts and it will be interesting.

- Willy Woo

Try to find videos where Willy Woo is involved. He comes every now and then on a show of Tone Vays and I have seen a video lately where he was a guest in a video of Jacob Canfield. Willy Woo is probably the most intelligent person in the crypto space and has his own website called with highly informative charts. Every time he talks about crypto it will be interesting and you should give it a try ! You can also follow him on Twitter under the name Woonomic.

Now I will follow up with some interesting Twitter accounts that will be highly informative for traders especially but also investors :

- Scott Melker (The Wolf Of All Streets)

He is a great trader and sends out tweets every day about the markets. He also makes newsletters and one of them is for free and you can sign up for that (the wolf den) ! These newsletters are very informative and it will be more than only Bitcoin.

- FilbFilb

Has called the right tops and bottoms months before it was happening ! This guy seems a wizard sometimes and has interesting tweets that you can follow ! He also has his own newsletter for free (decentrader) that is super interesting !

- Bob Loukas

Great person with a lot of experience that you should follow ! He also puts out videos on Youtube every now and then and you can see them as well ! This guy is more about the 4-year cycle journey in Bitcoin as an investing strategy (HODL), but it is well worth your time.

- Bagsy (imBagsy)

This guy talks a lot about altcoins so it can be interesting to follow him. He will also make videos on Twitter that are nice to watch. He will chart a lot of different altcoins that you will not always think of. He does not have a ton of followers (yet) but I do learn from him !

- Josh Rager and Cantering Clark

These are two different accounts but they work together. You can also find Josh Rager on Youtube under the name BlockRoots. Worth your time and you will learn from them !

I can go on with this list for a while but that will take up to much space so I will just put some names here that you can also follow :

- The Crypto Dog

- DonAlt

- Davthewave

- NebraskanGooner

- KoroushAK

- Crypto Bitlord (more for fun)

I hope that all these channels and accounts will help you prosper in the crypto market ! They work for me to learn about crypto and this journey in crypto land is pretty amazing !


I am Djordi van Kampen and I live in France. 2017 was the year I learned for the first time about cryptocurrencies and I am intrigued by what it can accomplish in this world, for the better of course !


Crypto enthusiast that would like to share his experience in the market in terms of investing and trading. Also travels a lot and likes photography and minerals.

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