Collaboration made easy: LTO Network ("LTO")

What is LTO Network?

LTO Network ("LTO") is currently listed at £0.1412 with a total market cap of £38,759,865 (the result of a circulating supply of 272,991,199 which is 68% of the maximum supply). LTO is a hybrid blockchain platform with business-to-business ("B2B") functionalities. There has been a significant amount of hype around LTO and you may have heard of it as it is in the Top 20 blockchains by daily transactions. LTO benefits from already having a functional product which they are selling, and more significantly - they are selling to significant businesses and organisations which show the massive use case of LTO within industry. LTO looks to incentivise blockchain adoption by increasing the security of applications and automating business processes. Privacy and transparency are core to their blockchain solutions. More importantly, they look to create solutions which can be easily integrated into existing systems that businesses use that are also GDPR compliant. This means that it would be easy for a business to onboard LTO onto its systems. Having worked with market leading businesses in the law and technology industry gives LTO a great footing for the future.

What has it achieved so far?

LTO Network have created three products so far. These are:

  • FillTheDoc - Automate documents in any system and provide contract automation. Streamlines data from various sources into one or more documents. The LTO Network secures all the data by anchoring it on to the public chain;
  • Proofi - An application for digital signatures and providing unique digital signatures to identify one's self in online communications to help in preventing online fraud. It will be integrated with other platforms and is built with GDPR compliance by design; and
  • LetsFlow - A workflow engine for running processes on the blockchain. It looks to bring integrations to the blockchain world and is envisioned as a platform for building centralised and decentralised workflows.

What is the LTO token required for?

The Network's native token serves as a utility token for the network's usage. It sustains the network in three different ways: 

  • Gas fees for anchoring data;
  • Staking the LTO token in accordance with the Leased-Proof-of-Stake model; and
  • Governance token for on-chain voting.

Who has LTO Network worked with?

LTO Network have worked with a number of international organisations, these include:

  • CMS Law - LTO Network and V-ID entered into a partnership by rolling out an immediately applicable, GDPR-compliant blockchain solution;
  • IBM - LTO Network is working with IBM on simplifying the procedures for small criminal cases for the Dutch Ministries;
  • International Organisation for Standardisation - LTO Network is an active member to the ISO organisation. Together, they are developing the standards for blockchain technology adoption;
  • Dutch Ministry of ILT - Working to connect all stakeholders of the waste transportation process through LTO Network’s Live Contracts;
  • SignRequest - LTO is providing tools to protect users from tampered documents. The company is currently using LTO Network for data anchoring;
  • V-ID (company behind VIDT Datalink) - V-ID offers solutions for verifying art authenticity are currently using the LTO Network for data anchoring; and
  • Certik - CertiK will be auditing pluggable and custom Live Contract templates, as well as anchoring their smart contract audits on the LTO Network.

Note that in December 2020, the companies behind LTO Network and VIDT Datalink merged.

Where can you buy LTO?

LTO Network is available on the current biggest cryptocurrency market, Binance. It can be purchased using either Tether ("USDT") or Bitcoin ("BTC"). It is also available on decentralised exchanges such as UniSwap where it can be purchased with Wrapped Ethereum ("WETH").

What does the future have in stock for LTO Network?

There are a number of projects or events that have been softly mentioned by LTO Network or members of their team for 2021. Some notable mentions include:


I would be lying if I told you I haven't already bought in to LTO Network and it is currently my second biggest holding after Ethereum (note that I've built a more risk friendly portfolio) and think that this coin is one that I'll be happy to hold for a long time. As the Cryptocurrency market evolves, I don't see how some of the coins in the high market cap spaces will retain their spots when they have unfinished products and very few case studies.


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Diving into the moonshots
Diving into the moonshots

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