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The Dividends Are Growing...

By DiviMonopoly | Divi Monopoly | 2 Apr 2020

A big fat thank you to all of the upvoters and supporters of mylast article. I really appreciate you guys and it means a lot. My whole shtick is about creating a real world element to my blogs and media formats. I do this so that you, the audience, can see the progression of all of my dividends; and how they stack up over each other on a YoY basis. It is still a work in progress, because I truly do want to create a format where I can merge reality TV with dividend growth investing; but like dividends, Rome wasn't built in one day. The end goal: Dividend Reality TV. Today I want to show you some of the dividends I've received from a few of my side hustles, and what I plan to reinvest them in.

Last time I told you guys about, a platform that allows you to earn bitcoins by shopping for Bitcoin users who want to buy stuff using their Bitcoins at much discounted rates. Earners accept these shopping gigs, at sometimes grossly inflated rates, because they ideally know they are entrying in at decent Bitcoin prices over the long run. Not only that, they can level up all the way to tier 6 or VIP if they have good enough ratings from their shopping performances. This will allow them to receive much better earning or "effective rates" which gives them much better pricing per Bitcoin.

Like I mentioned, I had always been interested in unique income-earning gigs such as this. And I actually knew about Purse long before, but never pulled the trigger due to my limiting beliefs and propensity to penny pinch. I used to scrimp and save and hardly tested out new things, much less Purse, because I had a lot of fear. Sometimes, I would invest in big ticket items as opposed to the lower ticket items because I would try and break off the  shackles of fear-based saving. Those big ticket "investments" were painful learning experiences for sure. Compared to those, earning small Bitcoins using Purse is lower risk, and higher upside by a long shot, especially when purchasing them with free money. In my eyes, earning Satoshis from doing earning gigs at price-flooring Bitcoins are like Dividends being given, which are constantly being compounded the more I do gigs.

So here is the result of that test I did a few weeks ago: | Earn Bitcoins

I had done the gig on March 23rd, and the item was delivered with tracking by March 28. After it was delivered, my Bitcoins were released from escrow and into my wallet and thus birthed the beginnings of my dividend journey from

Here are my rules:

Rule 1. Never mix fiat with crypto

Rule 2. Always use prepaid gift cards and buy Bitcoins

Rule 3. Never talk about Rule 1, or Crypto club.

The Divi Club

I'm only semi-kidding...

But as a whole, I plan on creating more Bitcoin dividends or income streams as there are far too many apps out there that focus on equities and not enough platforms with the systems, longevity, and consistency that has. I realized that my current focuses, especially with dividend growth investing, rely far too heavily on stocks as opposed to Crypto so I had to get creative. Then I found another way to earn some bitcoins by way of "cashback": Lolli.


Lolli was another gig that I was never able to test out or pioneer because, once again, I was a scared little bish! I first heard about them when they first came out, and when they had just a few merchants they had partnerships with. But since then, they have grown into a sizable company with traction and long term potential. All these new blockchain-based companies are good for the space and should be supported, especially the ones with the potential to become heavy hitters.

I finally test this service out and within just a few hours, my cashback was remitted to me as credit to my account. The fantastic part was, Lolli typically has higher rates of cashback than their competitors, which is partly due to the volatility of Bitcoin. This offers a fantastic incentive to use them over other fiat-based cashback systems. But guess what? I tried to use 3 of them at the same time with 2 giving me near-instant cashback credit, and 1 that is still "pending". I could have tried 4, but I didn't want to risk all of them not providing cashback as one of the companies didn't have an extension for browsers.

Cashback Extensions

I clicked to active cashback on FireFox browser for the following extensions: Rakuten, Lolli, and Cashback Direct. When I activated all three at the same time, none of the other extensions stopped running and it remitted the cashbacks directly after for two of the cashback companies, with one still pending as of yet. The last cashback company that I could have tried was TopCashBack, which is the longest running cashback company, but I didn't try to use that because since it didn't have an extension for browser, I felt that I had the risk of losing any cashback whatsoever.

Rakuten | Cashback For Shopping

Lolli | Bitcoin Cashback


Here's A Really Cool Ad Monetization Partner I Found

Crypto Ad Monetization

I was brainstorming how to market all of the blogs I write for and how to generate leads for all of my separate businesses. For my Crypto and Dividend Growth Blogs, I decided to drive organic traffic through relevant forums such as Reddit (crypto, stocks, and real estate subreddits), and Beer Money. The last one: Beer Money, I found, is a sleeper. Sure it is inundated with ads and loaded with referral links from people ranging from shillers, average joes, and side hustlers. But by the by, this forum was built to help affiliate marketers make money and learn from each other. I thought it was very helpful the brief time I was there, and will continue to build a presence in that platform to learn from each sub category they offer. One of the platforms I found on there, or rather was reunited with, was Moon Ads. I signed up because the person shilling showed proof of payment (Litecoin in his case), but I had also used them in the past and was pleasantly surprised at how they grew as a company. Prior to this, they were a faucet company that allowed users to claim from the faucet to pay for advertisement. But since then, they have grown and polished up their image to provide  a way for publishers to monetize their content and give advertisers a way to promote. The best part is that there is no approval process and they allow both CPC and CPM ad revenue. The ads are friendly as well and aren't bad for brand image. I don't have enough traffic to create enough dividends from this, but as my traffic has grown, so have my Sats. Within a few weeks, I now have a WHOPPING $0.002 (which I plan to withdraw in $BTC once I meet the minimum threshold).

It's all about the dividend growth and the marathon, while trying to scale up. Ever since I developed this mindset, I've been ecstatic about the small gains while working to develop quality traffic (such as yourselves), and quality content.


But most definitely not least, Publish0x. I was recommended to this platform from a new Twitter friend and I could not be more excited about this platform. From past experience, it is wise to be one of the first movers in new technology and platforms that provide value to their customers. Publish0x is definitely one of these, and I will for sure be adding this to one of my dividend tracking playlists. From what I know, tips are generated for each like a post gets, and as you all know, I love my dividends. Publish0x has possibly been the highest quality and quantity source of traffic for my blogs, but more than that, it also serves to reward content creators with $BAT or $DAI and other tokens they allow on this platform. I couldn't be more happy about where the blogging community is headed in the future, and the growth of this community moving forward. Thank you for having me.

Look out for more earner gigs from me in the future as I reap some more Amazon gift cards, and if you would please do check out some of my other blogs and media content over on my Thank you once again. Let's compound those divs.

The Dividend Vortex


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